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ISBN: 9789386262929

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About the Book

Infants lying naked on heaps of stones children looking for fragments of food from dumps, children huddling up at night on the pavements Trying to cover themselves with a piece of dirty cloth during chilly nights children cleaning utensils often bigger in size than themselves with tiny hands, these are only some descriptions associated with street children, devoid of the comforts and security of home and parental care. Are these children different from their peers in normal homes? Have they failed the society or is it the other way round? What are their dreams and potentialities? The book examines how living on streets affects the various personality components of these children. It reviews the scope for their rehabilitation and integration in mainstream. Backed by psychological test and socio- psychological data collected through a number of personal interview and other sources, the book provides a glimpse into the world of street children so different yet so similar.

About Author

Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal, Deputy Director, Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India, obtained her Ph.D degree in Psychology from Lucknow University, Lucknow. Widely travelled all over Europe and USA. She had the opportunities to interact with individuals as well as social institutions working on the problems of street children. At the San Francisco University, she attended specialised courses in the field of rehabilitation programmes. Dr. Agarwal’s first book ‘Drug Abuse Socio-psychological Perspectives and Intervention Strategies’ was well received. This book is a result of her intensive study and research on street and working children.


Street Children : Who are they? Why are they on the Streets? Every Child has a Right to ...? Emotions and Street Children. Sufferings of Street Children. Truths : Hard and Soft. Frustration, Aggression and Ego. Intelligence and Street Children. Have We Done Enough? A Review of Existing Rehabilitation Programmes. We all can help. Annexures. Bibliography. Index.

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