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Year: 2022


250 pg

ISBN: 9789388691932

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About the Book

This book has documented the riots, which took place in India after independence. There is hardly any other credible work of this kind. Communal violence occurs very frequently in this country and yet much documentation has not been done. This is virtually the first book and is an out- come of real hard work and immense patience to find the data. It gives a comprehensive account of communal riots for a period of more than half a century with analytical tables, graphs and commentary etc. It may be found useful for scholars studying or researching in this field and the policy makers.

About Author

Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer is a well-known Islamic scholar and a theologian. He has done valuable work on communal harmony. He has personally investigated all major riots in post-independence India and has published several works on study of these riots. He has been working for inter-religious harmony and was conferred D. Lit. by Calcutta University for his work on communal harmony. Dr. Engineer has also done lot of work on Islam and has published more than 45 books both written as well as edited, including, Islam in India - The Impact of Civilizations, Communal Challenge and Secular Response.



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A Commentary on Communal Violence Communal Riots: 1952-2002 - An Account

Communal Riots: Statistics at a Glance


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