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Year : 2021

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About the Book

Social Media has become an integral part of modern society. It is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. In the twenty first century, when the students are highly influenced by social media, media plays a massive role in an individual’s life and their day to day activities. Television, mobile phones and internet are important variables in a person’s life; and many are dependent on theses to a large extent and their lives are, in some way or the other, controlled and dominated by social media both in a positive as well as in a negative manner.

This book brings to forefront the positive and negative impact of social media on the secondary school students who come under adolescence stage. It may help the adolescents who are the building blocks of tomorrow in developing the ability to think critically, creatively and independently about the use and abuse of social media which will brighten and shape their future. It may help teacher-educator in guiding and counselling the school students while using social media.

About Author

Dr. Sumana Paul, teacher, researcher in social sciences and a social worker obtained her M. A., B. Ed. and Ph. D. degrees from the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. Having a teaching experience of 28 years, she is Head of the Department of Education, Women’s College, Shillong and associated with a number of academic institutions of high repute. Credited with authorship of six books and more than one hundred articles published in national and international journals and edited volumes. She has also coordinated a number of research projects, seminars, workshops and training programmes. She is an empanelled Research Reviewer at the International Institute of Asian Studies, the Netherlands.



1. Introduction


2. Social Media: Meaning and Relevance

 ● Meaning

 ● Relevance

 ● An Overview of Traditional Media

 ● Most Common Social Platforms


3. Evolution of Mobile Phones to Smartphones

 ● Introduction

 ● Growth in Usage of Smartphone

 ● Use of Smartphones in India


4. Understanding of the Concept of Adolescence and their Exposure to Social Media

● Concept of Adolescence

 ● Definition of Adolescence

 ● Characteristics of Adolescence

 ● Pattern of Growth and Development during Adolescence

● Use of Social Platforms by Adolescent-Students

● Adolescents in the Present Scenario

 ● Adolescents and Academics

 ● Adolescents and Smartphones

 ● Dependency of Adolescents on Smartphone and its Effects


5. Impact of Social Media on Secondary School Students:

 A Study ● Need and Importance

 ● Research Design

 ● Literature Review

 ● Media consumption Behaviour of Literates (10-year-Olds and Above)

 ● Reading Interests and Media Consumption Behaviour

 ● Analysis and Interpretation of Data

 ● Findings

 ● Major Findings regarding the Teacher’s Views

 ● Discussion

 ● Suggestions and Recommendations


6. Smart Phones and Academic Performance: A Study of Class XII Students

● Research Design

 ● Literature Review

 ● Analysis and Interpretation

 ● Major Findings

 ● Discussion

 ● Conclusion





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