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Year : 2019

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About the Book

This comprehensive book facilitates the users to develop skills while speaking and writing in official and formal positions. It is a simple, systematic and comprehensive approach to the principles, methods and techniques that are commonly used as to hold a clear concept of the subject. The book would assist learners at ease and allow for greater understanding of the subject matter. The objective behind the text is to cover the needs of the students of B.B.A, B.B.M, M.Com and MBA classes of Indian Universities. The book by an experienced teacher and scholar may be found useful by all having interest in the subject.

About Author

Shoeb Ahmad is Ph.D in faculty of management,  and MBA (HR) from Patna University with over 24 years of experience in research, teaching and industry. Presently, Dr. Ahmad is working as a professor and Principal, with Institute of Management Studies, P.G. Center, Hyderabad, India. He has published many papers in reputed refereed academic journals and has authored several books. Besides, he is member of different professional bodies and is frequent contributor to a number of journals over the years.




1. Nature and Process of Communication

Introduction ; Defining of Communication; Role of Business Communication; Objectives of Communication; Features of Communication; Other Characteristics; Classification of Channels of Business Communication; Process of Communication; Barriers to Communication ; Surmounting Barriers to Communication; Feedback — Principles and Importance; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


2. Non-verbal Communication

Introduction; Definition; Importance of Non-verbal Communication; Characteristics of Non-verbal Communication; Functions of Non-verbal Communication; Types / Categories of Non-verbal Communication; Advantages of Learning Non-verbal Communication Skills; Techniques for Developing Non-verbal Communication; Interpreting Non-verbal Communication; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


3. Organisational Communication

Introduction; Importance of Communication in Management; Types of Communication; Formal Communication; Informal Communication; Functions of Managing; Managing and Communicating; Corporate Communication; Communication Training for Managers; Communication and the Line and Staff Management; Communication Structure in an Organisation; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


4. Listening

Definition; Listening Process; Benefits of Listening; Types of Listening; Guidelines for Effective Listening; Barriers to Effective Listening; Importance of Listening to Non-verbal Messages; Importance of Silence in Communication; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


5. Negotiation

Introduction; What is Negotiation?; Functions of Negotiation; Objectives of Negotiation; Characteristics of Negotiation; Importance of Negotiation; Steps in Negotiation; Approaches to Negotiations; Factors Affecting Negotiation; Preparation for Negotiation; Strategies in Negotiation; Ethical Issues in Negotiation; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


6. Speeches and Presentations

Making Presentations; Features of Good Presentation; Types of Presentation; Method / Technique of Presentation; Process of Presentation; Choosing a Method of Presentation; Analysing the Audience; Factors of Audience Analysis; Types of Audience; Techniques for Analysing the Audience; Non-verbal Dimensions of Presentations; Speeches for Commemorative Occasions; Types of Commemorative Speeches; Effective Presentation Strategies; Persuasive Speaking; Summary; Review Questions;


7. Report Writing

Features of Report Writing; Objectives of Report Writing; Steps of Report Writing; Types of Report; Structure of Reports; Essentials of a Good Report; Summary; Case Study Report Format; Review Questions;


8. Business Letters

Purpose of Business Letter; Structure of a Business Letter; Types of Business Letters; Drafting Letters Relating to Enquiries and Replies; Procedure of Drafting Letters relating to Enquiries and Replies; Kinds of Business-enquiry Letters; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


9. Orders and Replies

Letter of Order; Complaints and Claims ; Effective Business Correspondence; Forms of Correspondence; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions

10. CV / Resume’s and Interviews

Introduction; CV / Resume Writing; Steps for Designing a CV / Resume; Parts / Contents of a CV / Resume; Interview; Types of Interview; Summary; Case Studies; Review Questions;


11. Media and Investor Relations

Introduction; Mass Media; Types of Media; Definition of Print Media; Definition of Electronic Media; Comparison between Print Media and Electronic Media; Building Better Relations with Media; Investor Relation; Significance of Investor Relations; Need for IR Departments; Framework for Managing Investor Relations; Managing Government Relations; Crisis Communication; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;




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