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Year : 2019

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1. Nature and Process of Communication

Introduction ; Defining of Communication; Role of Business Communication; Objectives of Communication; Features of Communication; Other Characteristics; Classification of Channels of Business Communication; Process of Communication; Barriers to Communication ; Surmounting Barriers to Communication; Feedback — Principles and Importance; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


2. Non-verbal Communication

Introduction; Definition; Importance of Non-verbal Communication; Characteristics of Non-verbal Communication; Functions of Non-verbal Communication; Types / Categories of Non-verbal Communication; Advantages of Learning Non-verbal Communication Skills; Techniques for Developing Non-verbal Communication; Interpreting Non-verbal Communication; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


3. Organisational Communication

Introduction; Importance of Communication in Management; Types of Communication; Formal Communication; Informal Communication; Functions of Managing; Managing and Communicating; Corporate Communication; Communication Training for Managers; Communication and the Line and Staff Management; Communication Structure in an Organisation; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


4. Listening

Definition; Listening Process; Benefits of Listening; Types of Listening; Guidelines for Effective Listening; Barriers to Effective Listening; Importance of Listening to Non-verbal Messages; Importance of Silence in Communication; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


5. Negotiation

Introduction; What is Negotiation?; Functions of Negotiation; Objectives of Negotiation; Characteristics of Negotiation; Importance of Negotiation; Steps in Negotiation; Approaches to Negotiations; Factors Affecting Negotiation; Preparation for Negotiation; Strategies in Negotiation; Ethical Issues in Negotiation; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


6. Speeches and Presentations

Making Presentations; Features of Good Presentation; Types of Presentation; Method / Technique of Presentation; Process of Presentation; Choosing a Method of Presentation; Analysing the Audience; Factors of Audience Analysis; Types of Audience; Techniques for Analysing the Audience; Non-verbal Dimensions of Presentations; Speeches for Commemorative Occasions; Types of Commemorative Speeches; Effective Presentation Strategies; Persuasive Speaking; Summary; Review Questions;


7. Report Writing

Features of Report Writing; Objectives of Report Writing; Steps of Report Writing; Types of Report; Structure of Reports; Essentials of a Good Report; Summary; Case Study Report Format; Review Questions;


8. Business Letters

Purpose of Business Letter; Structure of a Business Letter; Types of Business Letters; Drafting Letters Relating to Enquiries and Replies; Procedure of Drafting Letters relating to Enquiries and Replies; Kinds of Business-enquiry Letters; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;


9. Orders and Replies

Letter of Order; Complaints and Claims ; Effective Business Correspondence; Forms of Correspondence; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions

10. CV / Resume’s and Interviews

Introduction; CV / Resume Writing; Steps for Designing a CV / Resume; Parts / Contents of a CV / Resume; Interview; Types of Interview; Summary; Case Studies; Review Questions;


11. Media and Investor Relations

Introduction; Mass Media; Types of Media; Definition of Print Media; Definition of Electronic Media; Comparison between Print Media and Electronic Media; Building Better Relations with Media; Investor Relation; Significance of Investor Relations; Need for IR Departments; Framework for Managing Investor Relations; Managing Government Relations; Crisis Communication; Summary; Case Study; Review Questions;




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