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A Comparative Analysis of Structures, Processes and Systems


Year : 2019

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About the Book

The book is an outcome of a national study on educational administration in India. It presents comparative analysis of different aspects of governance and management of school education in different states in India, and comprises eight chapters with critical analysis of structure and functions of the systems of educational administration from state to school level. The book captures change adopted in administration and governance of school education due to policy reforms, innovations and national programmes initiated over the years particularly in teacher management, monitoring and supervision of school. It expounds adoption of information technology and E-governance resulting with paradigm shift in accountability, transparency and performance in education system. It also explicates the major issues which are still confronting with the educational administration and the future directions with intervention strategies to be adopted for the improvement of education system.

The book would be useful to academicians, educational planners and administrators, students and researchers and all those interested in the development of education.

About Author

Dr. K. Sujatha is former Professor and Head, Department of Educational Administration   in National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, Delhi. Was Visiting Fellow, University of New England, Australia. Her research areas of work include Education of Indigenous Tribes, Educational Administration, Ashram Schools for Tribal Children, Management of Secondary Education, School Management, Joyful Learning, Private Tutoring, Education of Disadvantaged, Equity in Education, Educational Policy Analysis and Comparative Education. She has conducted several empirical research studies and authored    number of books. In addition, she has published several research papers and articles in National and International Journals.


Dr. R. S. Tyagi, formerly an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Administration in the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration specialises in organisational and management issues of educational administration. He has conducted several empirical research studies and published books on structure and functions of educational administration, school management, and school-based instructional supervision. He has presented papers in national and international seminars and conferences on education and published a number of research papers on different aspects of educational administration and management in various reputed national and international Journals.




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1. Introduction 1

  • Developments in Educational Governance
  • The Third Survey
  • The National Report


2. Administration of School Education in India

  • Structures and Functions
  • Administration and Management
  • Educational Administration in India
  • Educational Administration at National Level
  • Educational Administration at State Level
  • Structure and Function at State Level
  • Examples of Unified and Separate Education Department at
  • Secretariat Level
  • Structure and Functions at Directorate Level in States
  • Other Supporting Directorates and Autonomous Bodies in States
  • Linkages of Education Secretariat and Directorate with SSA
  • and RMSA
  • Structure of SSA and RMSA
  • Field-level Set-up of Educational Administration in States
  • Regional/Divisional Level Administration
  • District Level Administration
  • Block-level Administration
  • Cluster-Level Structure
  • Linkages with Local Bodies
  • Convergence and Coordination with SSA and RMSA at
  • District Level and with other Departments
  • Decision-Making Process
  • Stay Period of Education Secretaries
  • Major Issues


3. E-Governance in Educational Administration

  • Introduction
  • Recruitment, Selection, Posting and Transfers
  • Better Communication by G.Os and Circulars
  • Data Management for SSA, RMSA and Other Programmes
  • Financial Management
  • Major Issues


4. Teacher Management

  • Impact of Reforms in Education Administration
  • Changes in Recruitment and Selection Pattern
  • Changes in the Eligibility Conditions
  • Changes in Posting and Transfers
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Posting and Transfer
  • Promotion and Career Advancement
  • Welfare Services for Teachers
  • Grievance Redressal and Litigation Cases
  • Role of Teachers’ Unions
  • Major Issues and Challenges


5. Inspection and Supervision

  • Present System of Inspection and Supervision in India
  • Parameters of School Assessment
  • Norms of Inspection and Supervision
  • Availability of Vehicles
  • Process of Supervision
  • Process of Academic Supervision
  • Number of Supervision in the Sample Survey in Different States
  • Inspection Report
  • Supervision by the Head of the Institution
  • Best Practices
  • Role of BRC and CRC in Monitoring and Supervision
  • Major Issues


6. Institutional Management

  • Type of Institutions and Their Management
  • Powers and Functions of Heads of Institutions
  • Norms of Establishment of Institutions
  • Process of Decision-making at the Institutional Level
  • Maintenance of Office Records
  • Number of Days the School Functions
  • Issues and Suggestions


7. Changes in Administration of School Education in India

during Last Two Decades

  • Traditional Educational Administration
  • Impact of Globalisation and Decentralisation
  • Impact of National Policy on Education and Jomtien Declaration
  • Emergence of Development Programmes
  • Increase in Accountability, Performance and Transparency
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan as a Vehicle of RTE
  • E-governance in Educational Management
  • District as a Unit of Educational Governance
  • Block Education Office as a Unit of Educational Management
  • Cluster Resource Centre for Coordination of Educational Activities
  • Decentralisation of Educational Planning and Management
  • Strengthening of Educational Management Information Systems
  • Sustainable and Increased Investment in Basic Education
  • Changes in the Delivery Mechanism
  • Quality Improvement in Recruitment and Selection of Teachers
  • Management of Disadvantaged Groups
  • Convergence of Resources
  • Disaster Management in Schools
  • School Development Plan
  • Best Practices in Educational Administration


8. Major Issues and Future Directions in Administration of

School Education

  • Major Issues
  • Wither Governance of School Education
  • Lack of Accountability and Transparency
  • Parallel Management Structures
  • Management of Education by other Departments
  • Lack of Coordination and Convergence
  • Increased Workload of the Administrative Machinery
  • Inadequate Linkages with Local Bodies
  • Insufficient School Inspection and Supervision
  • Inadequate Teacher Management
  • Lack of Devolution of Powers
  • Litigation Cases
  • Inadequate Academic Management
  • Future Directions
  • Effective Governance of School Education
  • Indian Education Service
  • Reforms in Mainstream Educational Administration
  • Coordinated and Unified Approach in Management
  • Procedural Reforms in Teacher Management
  • School-based Supervision in Schools
  • Adequate Capacity Building of Education Officers
  • Strengthening Regulatory Mechanism
  • Institutional Management



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