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Year : 2016

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About the Book

In the aftermath of the Arab uprisings, there have been constant attempts at rethinking or reimagining the region. However, this is not the first time that a re-envisaging of West Asia or the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is taking place. The construction and deconstruction of the region has been a recurrent feature and the region as a concept is a comparatively modern as well as an unsteady construction. The Arab uprisings (2010) inducted a period of contentious politics, which has restructured the landscape of regional politics and defied the presumptions and conjectures that have dominated the literature on the comparative politics of the Middle East.

The passion in the early months of 2011 has long since given way to an extended, tenacious political tussle. It is far too soon to propose any decisive deductions about the eventual results of the Arab uprisings. The revolutionary moment continues to unravel. While there are reservations about the likelihood of the evolution of a truly revolutionary notion of freedom as one explores the threats and opportunities in an ever-changing political landscape, nevertheless the Arab uprisings of 2010 have set forth a plethora of queries pertaining to the region and beyond. The chapters in this volume explore the multiple and multi-layered dimensionsand potentialramifications of the uprisings, which took the world by surprise. 

About Author

Priya Singh has been Fellow at the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata.  Her area of specialisation is Israel in particular with an interest in West Asia in general. She has authored, edited and co-edited publications on Israel and West Asia. She can be contacted at


Introduction                                                                           vii

  • In the Presence of Absence: The Arab Uprisings

Deen Sharp

  • The Arab Spring and the Palestinians: From the War inSyria to Operation Protective Edge

Harel Chorev                      

  • Israel-Palestine: Revisiting the Bi‑National State

Priya Singh

  • Islamic Geographies of Resistance: The Islamic Factor in Regional Geopolitical Strategy of Iran

Deepika Saraswat

  • Of Islam and Other Things: The Drivers and Rhetoric in Iranian Politics

Kingshuk Chatterjee

  • The Iranian Nuclear Issue: Contending Narratives,Emerging Dynamics and the Road Ahead

Sujata Ashwarya Cheema

  • The Rise of Contentious Politics in Turkey after theArab Spring

Alper Y Dede

  • The Changing Dynamics of Turkey’s Relations with Israel:The Arab Spring and its Aftermath

Mujib Alam

  • Hizbullah’s Axis and Turkey

Joseph Alagha

  • The Divergent Trajectories of Arab Dignity Revolts:Egypt and Tunisia

Mustapha Kamel Al-Sayyid

  • The Tunisian Spring and the Egyptian Winter

Paul Rivlin

  • Contentious Politics, Economic Crisis and RegimeChange in Egypt

Nadine Sika

  • Political Islam in Egypt after Morsi

Konrad Pêdziwiatr

  • Russia and the Middle East after the Arab Spring

Nikolay A Kozhanov




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