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Study of Malaysia and Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Sulaman Alnasser, Rabiul Islam, Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani

Year : 2015

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About the Book

This book is designed to fill the gap in the existing body of knowledge regarding attitudes and differences in electronic service quality perception between two different geographical and cultural countries—Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, regarding online shopping. Specifically, it extends previous effort done in an online shopping context by providing evidence that high service quality increases consumers’ trust perception, which in turn results in favorable attitude toward online shopping, with risk perception moderating the impact on consumer’s trust. The book indicates differences between Saudis and Malaysians in e-service quality perception. Also attitude toward online shopping is affected by e-service quality perception, but it had mediated effects through trust. However perceived risk moderates the relationship between e-service quality and trust. The book provides practical suggestions for managers on how to develop consumer trust online and enhance purchase attitude even when customers have high risk perception. The book may be useful for e-commerce players, managers and researchers having interest in the subject.

About Author

Dr. Mohammad Sulaman Alnasser is a Researcher at University Utara Malaysia. His main area of expertise is the e-service quality. He has to his credit number of published articles in a wide range of various journals. His areas of interest are international trade, marketing, import-export performance, e-service quality, etc.

Dr. Rabiul Islam is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at University Utara Malaysia. He was Post-Doctoral Fellow in Institute for Environment and Development, UKM. His main area of expertise is the application of Global Forest Products Model. His articles have been published in a wide range of journals. He is interested in doing research in international trade, trade and environment, tourism, migration, water, poverty and food security, urban agriculture, sustainable development, climatic hazards, and green economics, quality management.

Dr. Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani, Associate Professor and currently the Dean, School of International Studies, College of Law, Government and International Studies at University Utara Malaysia, has been teaching international business for 15 years and supervised about 10 business research projects. He has also published in a wide range of international, Australian and New Zealand journals. In addition, he has spoken at conferences throughout the world on matters dealing with international business management. Prior to joining University Utara Malaysia, he previously worked in a number of public and private sector organizations in Malaysia and abroad, where he was involved in economic, strategic and business research projects spanning most sectors of the economy. 



List of Figures and Tables

1. Introduction 1

Electronic Commerce; Importance of Online Shopping; Online Shopping in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia; Problem Statement; Research Objectives; Significance of the Study

2. Literature Review

Introduction; Attitude Towards Behaviour; Culture in Online Shopping; Electronic Service Quality; Risk in Online Shopping; Trust; Research on Trust

3 Conceptual Framework

Underpinning Theory; Conceptual Framework; Formulation of Hypotheses

4. Research Methodology

Introduction; Research Design; Population and Sampling; Data Collection Method; Instrument Development; Selection of Measurements Instruments; Pilot Test; Data Analysis; Ethical Considerations

5. Analysis and Presentation of Findings

The Sample; Data Analyses; Description of Constructs; Goodness of Measures; Hypothesis Testing; Summary

6 Research Summary and Discussion

Summary of Findings; Qualitative Analysis; Study Implications; Study Limitations; Implications for Further Research; Conclusion



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