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Year : 2014

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About the Book

This book consists of a detailed analysis of the terms social welfare, administration and social administration regarding their conceptual classification, models, approaches, functions etc. followed by detailed description and analysis of different dimensions of social administration i.e. social policy, planning and decision making, organizing, staffing, directing, budgeting, controlling, and project formulation. The book also encompasses administration in government as well as in voluntary organizations and administration of important organizations related to social administration. Thus, the book incorporates every aspects of social administration making the book useful to students, educators, practitioners, administrators, policymakers and researchers.

About Author

Prof. R.B.S. Verma, Principal, Udaipur School of Social Work, Udaipur (Rajasthan), Ex-Professor and Head, Department of Social Work, Lucknow University, Ex-Professor and Head, Department of Social Work, Jain Vishwa Bharati (D) University, Ladnun (Rajasthan), Ex-Director, J.K. Institute of Sociology and Human Relations, Lucknow University, Lucknow is a senior teacher, researcher, extension worker and Educational administrator. As a teacher and researcher, he has an experience of 43 years and published twenty three books, forty-six articles and research papers of which ten papers presented in international seminars, completed twenty eight Research Projects, supervised one D. Lit. and fifty four Ph.Ds; and organized two dozen seminars. He has received prestigious Indira Gandhi National Social Service Award which is given by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, New Delhi.



1.  Social Welfare: An Introduction

Social Welfare: Conceptual Analysis; Meaning and Definitions of Social Welfare; Conception of Welfare; Approaches to the Study of Welfare; Models of Welfare; The Term Social Welfare; Definitions of Social Welfare; Basic Features of the Term Social Welfare; Objectives of Social Welfare; Functions of Social Welfare; Concepts Related to Social Welfare

2.  Administration: An Introduction

Administration: Conceptual Analysis; Meaning of Administration; Definitions of Administration; Administration, Management and Organisation: The Problem of Terminology; Administration: Types; Evolution of Administration in Social Work; Approaches to Administration

3.  Social Administration: Conceptual Analysis

Definitions of Social Administration; Characteristics of Social Administration; Definitions of Social Welfare Administration; Definitions of Social Work Administration; Appropriateness of Term of Social Administration in Usage; Difference Between Social Administration and Public Welfare Administration; Difference Between Social Administration and Business Administration; Nature of Social Administration (Social Welfare Administration); Skills in Administration in Social Administration; Management Tasks in Social Administration (Social Welfare Administration); Management Activities in Social Administration (Social Welfare Administration); Common Attributes of Social Administration (Social Welfare Administration); Philosophy of Social Administration/ Social Welfare Administration; Basic Principles of Social Administration/ Social Welfare Administration

4.  Social Policy

Evolution Before Twentieth Century; Evolution After Twentieth Century; Indian Scenario; The Concept of Social Policy; Social Welfare Administration and Socio-Economic Development; Models of Social Policy; Objectives of Social Policy; Functions of Social Policy; Scope of Social Policy; Principles of Social Policy; Similarities and Dissimilarities between Social and Economic Policy

5.  Planning and Decision Making

Meaning; Planning Process; Process of Decision Making

6.  Organising

Importance of Organisation; Meaning of Organisation; Approaches Explaining the Meaning of Organisation; Elements of Organisation; Bases of Organisation; Benefits of Organising; Theories of Organisation; Types of Organisations and Organisational Structures; Factors Determine the Structure of Organisation; Authority; Span of Control; Delegation and Decentralisation

7.  Staffing

Functions of Top Level; Functions of Middle Level; Functions of Lower Level; Importance and Need of Staffing; Logic of Staffing in Social Administration (Social Welfare Administration); Appraisal and Development of Staff; General Problems of Staff; Problems of Staff in Welfare and Development Sector; Recruitment and Selection Process; Personnel Policy of Organisation; Policy Formulation; Orientation; Motivation; Training; Terms and Conditions of Service; Promotion; Personnel Records; Personnel Evaluation

8.  Directing

Meaning of Directing; Characteristics; Features of Effective Directing; Giving Orders; Methods of Ensuring Compliance of Orders; Leadership; Leadership Style; Communication; Motivation; Transactional Analysis (TA); Supervision; Human Relations in Social Welfare/ Development Agencies

9.  Budgeting

Meaning of Budget; Definitions; Elements of Budget; Types of Budget; Formulating Budgets; Principles of Budgeting; Functions of Budget; Problems of Budgeting

10.  Controlling and Project Formulation

Meaning; Characteristics; Need of Control; Type of Control; Steps Involved in Controlling Process; Characteristics of Good Control System; Controlling as the Linking Pin of Principles of Administration; Project Formulation; Meaning Project Formulation; Aim of Project Formulation; Stages of Project Formulation; Project Management; Project Evaluation

11.  Administration in Government and Voluntary Agencies

Social Welfare/Service Agency; Common Characteristics of Social Welfare/ Service/Work Agencies; Classification of Agencies; Voluntary Agency in Social Welfare; Evolution of Voluntary Organisation; Role of Voluntary Agency in Social Welfare/ social Development; Administrative Structure of Voluntary Agencies; Commitment of Administrative Personnel; Policy Formulation in Voluntary Organisation; Policy Formulation in Government Agencies; Fund Raising; Community Chest; Public Relations; Problems of Voluntary Agency

12.  Administration of Important Organisations

Social Welfare Department at the Centre ; Subjects Allocated to Two Departments; Administrative Organisation; Divisions of Ministry of Social Justice and Empower­ment; Social Welfare Administration at State Level; National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes; National Commission for Scheduled Castes; Organisational Structure of the Commission; National Commission for Scheduled Tribes; National Commission for Scheduled Tribes; Functions and Responsibilities of Commission; Duties and Responsibilities of Officials and Members of Commission; National Institute of Social Defence; National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD); Administration of Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB)



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