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Year : 2014

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About the Book

Human Ecology and Disaster Management have emerged as significant domains for social work and the last two decades have witnessed an intense engagement of social work academicians and practitioners with both of them. Their inclusion in the syllabi of all the major schools of social work highlights the contemporary relevance of these two fields to social work practice, and the immense potential that they proffer by way of employment opportunities to social work graduates.

This book brings together the experiences of social work academicians and field practitioners working on themes encompassed within these realms. By adding to the theoretical understanding of the issues of disaster management, climate change and human ecology from the perspective of social work, the book shall be of interest to social work academicians, practitioners and research scholars. The experiences and practice models suggested herein shall enrich the knowledge of the professionals in the field. The book shall also assist the students of social work to comprehend the relevant concepts and establish meaningful engagement with practice.

About Author

Sanjai Bhatt is a Professor of Social Work at the Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi. He is proactive social work educator, researcher and activist. He has presented papers and has written extensively on climate change and social work, and possesses a rich experience of mobilising the participation of University students and faculty in multiple disaster responses. He is the President of the National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI) and the Organizing Secretary of the 1st Indian Social Work Congress 2013, held in Delhi.

Neera Agnimitra is an Associate Professor of Social Work at the Delhi School of Social Work, University of Delhi. Her academic interest areas are community practice, human ecology and disaster management. She is a prolific writer, researcher and a field activist. She has contributed immensely to the acceptance of human ecology and disaster management as areas of social work practice. She was the Joint Organizing Secretary of the 1st Indian Social Work Congress, 2013 held in Delhi.




Contextualizing the Environment in Social Work Pedagogy

  • An Environmental Perspective to Intervention/ Sanjai Bhatt and Neera Agnimitra

Disaster Risk Reduction

  •   A Gender Perspective/ Santosh Kumar

Climate Change and Disaster

  •   Need for a Human Rights Based Approach to Disaster Reduction and Sustainable Development/ Ajay Jha and Sharad Joshi

The Trajectory of Disaster Response

  •   From Relief to Resilience/ Neera Agnimitra

Protected Area and People

  •   Exploring the Role of Social Work Practice/ Digvijoy Phukan and Vinay Kumar

Post-Structural Possibilities in Green Social Work

  •   A Brief Review of Literature/ Varun Sharma and Neera Agnimitra

Community as the Key for Disaster Recovery

  •   A Case of Long Term Intervention in Kanyakumari District/ Subhasis Bhadra

Social Work and Human Animal Conflict

  •   Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Practice/ Mayuri Gogoi

Disaster Management

  •   An Emerging Field in Social Work Education/ Aruna Gajbhiye and Ravindra Gajbhiye

Exploring the Climate Change Discourse in India through the Lens of Social Work Practice

  • Vinay Kumar and Digvijoy Phukan

Social Work Education and Practice in Climate Change Adaptation

  •   Realities and Gaps/ Nivedita Mishra Thapliyal

UDAI: A Social Work Response to Managing the Aftermath of a Disaster

  • Sanjai Bhatt

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