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Year : 2012

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Arunachal Pradesh, often referred to as the ‘land of the dawn-lit mountains’, is the largest state (83,743 sq km) in Northeast India. In the past few decades Arunachal Pradesh has witnessed many shifts in the social, political and economic realm from significant changes in agricultural production to consistent efforts to usher in development and industrialization and strengthen market mechanisms. There has been a quantum jump in the number of educational institutions such as schools, along with increased access to university education. Today, the state apparatus with its multiple organizations, agencies and processes, is a major player in Arunachal Pradesh. Many representative institutions and processes have taken strong root in the state. This is not to suggest that traditional modes of interactions, relations and institutions have completed disappeared. On the contrary, the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ have been negotiating with, contesting against, and altering each other. This volume, with contributions from senior policy-makers, established academicians, leading members of civil society and research scholars, makes a modest effort to understand such multiple negotiations. The papers in this volume reflect on a wide range of issues such as external policy, mapping the contours of modernization, transition in institutions, development strategies, employment challenges and educational policies. For people interested in understanding Arunachal Pradesh, this volume would be a valuable resource.     br>

About Author

Sanjay Pulipaka is currently a Fellow at the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies (MAKAIAS), Kolkata. A former Fulbright Fellow, he was a Pavate Visiting Fellow at University of Cambridge. His areas of interest include political transitions, conflict transformation, Indian politics and international politics. Sanjay also has extensive work experience in the realm of strengthening democracy at the grass-roots and in political and governance reforms. Rakhee Bhattacharya is currently a fellow at Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi. She is working on various economic challenges of contemporary India. Prior to this, she has worked at other institutes across the country, including MAKAIAS, and was Endeavour post-doctoral fellow in Australia. She also taught at under-graduate and post-graduate levels as senior lecturer and visiting faculty. Her research areas are development, poverty, regional economies and conflicts. She has worked on many such issues in India’s Northeast and authored ‘Development Disparities in Northeast India’. Apart from this, she has edited a number of volumes and has published several articles in both national and internal journals. Sarit K. Chaudhuri is Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh. For the past 21 years he has been working among the tribes of Northeast India on issues of religion, art, identity, and transformation. He was a Post-Doc Fellow at SOAS, UK, for two years and has published eight books as well as numerous research papers in journals and books.


Introduction: Sanjay Pulipaka
1. External Policy Issues of Arunachal Pradesh
Krishnan Srinivasan
2. Arunachal Pradesh: Issues of Modernity and Tradition
Tamo Mibang
3. Between Tradition and Modernity: The Horizon of Anthropology
Annada C. Bhagabati
4. Issues of Modernity, Identity, and Women of Arunachal Pradesh
Sucheta Sen Chaudhuri
5. A Study on Gender Discrimination in Education among Nyishi Tribe of Doimukh Circle of Arunachal Pradesh
Philip Mody and Teshi Sohang
6. Negotiating Modernisation: Challenges and Response inArunachal Pradesh
Tajen Dabi
7. Igus of Arunachal Pradesh: Relocating Indigenous Healing Tradition of a Frontier Tribe of India
Sarit K. Chaudhuri
8. Tibetan Buddhism as a Culture and Way of Life: Focus on the Indian Buddhists Living in the Borders with Tibet
Jayanti Alam
9. Identity, Language and Cultural Transformation: Strategies for Consolidation
Moji Riba
10. Post-colonial Indian State and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Arunachal Pradesh: A Case Study of the Built Environment
Jagdish Lal Dawar
11. Development and Cultural Change: Dilemma of Arunachal Pradesh
Mrinal Kanti Chakma
12. Institutions, Identities and the Economy: Understanding Economic Transformation in Arunachal Pradesh
Deepak K. Mishra
13. Problems of Technological Modernization and Industrialization in Arunachal Pradesh
N.C. Roy
14. Patterns of Employment in Arunachal Pradesh: Implications for Inclusive Development
Vandana Upadhyay
15. Tourism Development in Northeast India: A Study in Arunachal Pradesh
Maila Lama and Amitava Mitra

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