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Periphery within Periphery

Periphery within Periphery

A Challenge towards an Integrated Manipur

Ch. Rupachandra Singh

Year : 2013

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About the Book

India’s North East region is one of the most volatile parts in the South and South East Asian region. Inhabited by more than two hundred ethnic minorities, the region has a geo-strategic significance for its locations, almost bordering with Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The state of the region like Manipur having the history of an Asiatic domain for centuries remains abrupt to its political history. Coming up of post-modernity and to ensemble with the changing time and circumstances, different ethnic groups inhabited here since time immemorial had begun to pursue their interest along the ethnic lines. So more than six decades of independence within the fold of largest democracy in the world, Manipur now comes out to be a periphery. The complex situation of this little paradise where it witnessed civilisational intercourse for more than 2000 years have become a breeding ground for multifaceted issues & challenges. This book highlights some of the issues by exploring its glorious past to lay out an amicable solution for an integrated composite Manipur. It may also be helpful to policy makers, academicians and young researchers to analyses where century of misrule, ignorance and insensitivity of the whole issues have leads towards conundrums.

About Author

Dr. Ch. Rupachandra (b.1978) did his Ph.D from Manipur University. Earlier he was associated with Centre for Manipur Studies (CMS), Manipur University as Post Ph. D Fellow. He is teaching Political Science at Kamakhya Pemton College, Hiyangthang. During the past few years, he has been analysing on various issues of India’s North East. His other area of interest includes Political Economy, Peace &Conflict, South East Asian studies etc.


Preface; Abbreviation; I. Introduction; II. Common Origin; III. Expansion Movement; IV. Demanding Homeland; V. Self-Determination; VI. Conclusion; Appendices; Select Bibliography; Index ;

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