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Sanasam Amal Singh

Year : 2010

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About the Book

Every region and religion has a custom-made calendar that reflects the diversity of culture and tradition it represents. A very distinctive feature of the traditional Meitei society of Manipur is that it has a periodic series of rites and ceremonies based on ancient religious traditions concerning almost every month of the Meitei calendar year. The book focuses on the naming of the months as well as the rites and rituals being performed in these twelve months i.e. a calendar year by Meities community who converted into Vaishnavism, The book may be found useful by scholars, researchers and readers having interest in the subject and the region

About Author

Sanasam Amal Singh is a Project-Fellow with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata


1. Introduction
2. Naming of the Months
3. Sharoi Khangba
4. Yaosang (Holi)
5. Lai Keithel Kaba
6. Ancestor Worship of Moirang Clan
7. Kongba Leithong Phatpa
8. Cheiraoba
9. Ancestor-Worship of KhumanClan
10. Ancestor-Worship of Khaba Nganba Clan
11. Ancestor-Worship of Ningthouja Clan
12. Pakhangba Chenghongba
13. Koorak Lamtaiba
14. The Role of Male and Female in the Ritual Process
15. Changing Trends in the Ritual Life of the Meiteis

Declaration of the Outgoing Cheithaba
Declaration of the Incoming Cheithaba
Meigi Tengtha
Sana Lamok
. Anam Athou Laison
. Naheirol
. Ahonglon

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