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Year : 2010

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About the Book

Women's reproductive health covers diseases and conditions that affect the female reproductive system. It includes symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of women's reproductive health issues. The international community has witnessed increased focus on reproductive health issues, especially during post-ICPD regime.

The modern era of rights that can be applied to women's health may be said to have started with the adoption of the United Nations Charter in 1946. The present publication deals with relevant issues pertaining to women's reproductive health. The book may be useful to:
Women's health and rights educators and advocates;
Health service providers, including, midwives, family planning providers and associations, and counselors;
Health policymakers, ministries and health departments, including heads of maternal and child health, family planning, STIs/HIV/AIDS;
National and international professional associations;
NGOs and other civil society organizations focusing on health, population, development and human rights;
Social science researchers and scientists;
Academics and their students in demography and public health;
Post-graduate education and training courses on sexual and reproductive health.

About Author

Dr. S. C. Jhansi is associated with the Department of Continuing and Adult Education and Extension Work, S. N. D. T. Women's University, Mumbai, in the capacity of Assistant Director. Dr. Jhansi is recipient of Government of India Fellowship & Smt. Jayshreeben Raizi Prize. She has guided several research projects, and has offered consultancy services to governmental and non-governmental bodies in various capacities. She has authored over 30 research papers and books for national and international journals and presented papers at international conferences.


1.Female Reproductive System
2.Women, Reproductive Health and International Human Rights
3Reproductive Health: A Global and Regional Priority
4Meeting the Reproductive Health: Needs of Women with HIV
5Rights to Sexual and Reproductive Health: The ICPD and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
6Managing Reproductive Health Services with a Gender
Perspective: Guidelines for Programme Managers
7.eproductive, Child and Women's Health: WHO's Activities
in the Western Pacific Region
8.A Human Rights Approach to Promoting and Protecting
Reproductive and Sexual Health Rights: The Role of Treaty
Bodies, United Nations Agencies and NGO Partnerships
9.Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health and
10.The Impact of Family Planning and Reproductive Health on
Women's Lives
11.Delivering Reproductive Health Promises Through Integrated Services
12.Strategies for Effective Family Planning Programmes
13.Male Involvement in Family Planning Selected Programme
Initiatives in Africa
14.Outreach Reproductive Health Programmes for Young Adults
15.Capacity Building in Reproductive Health Programmes-Few Experiences
16.New Reproductive Health Focus
17.Fertility Regulation and Reproductive Health in the Millennium Development Goals
18.Considerations in Selecting Birth/Fertility Regulation Methods
19.Post-ICPD Progress in the Reproductive Health: Case Study
from the Pacific
20.Integration of Reproductive Health Components:
Important Considerations and Selected Initiatives
21.Reproductive Health in Policy and Practice:
Case Studies from Brazil, India, Morocco, and Uganda
22.Components of Reproductive Health Programmes
23.The World After the Beijing and Cairo Conferences
24.Fact Sheet on Women and Reproductive Health

1.Key Concepts, Definitions and Glossary of Terms
2.Male Responsibility for Reproductive Health
3.Rights Based Approach to Women's Health
4.Women, Empowerment and Health


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