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Year : 2007

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xiv+210 pp

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About the Book

The basis and raison d'être of the concept of Ecological Security lies in the linking of two substantive words 'ecology' and 'security', connoting an ecological condition in safe-keeping, firmly fastened and guaranteed against minimum loss or damage. Ecology is the science concerned with the relationships among and between organisms and all aspects-living as well as non-living-of their environment. Security stands for that which is safe, sure and guaranteed.

This volume contains papers based on in-depth studies by eminent persons on different aspects of a wide ranging, complex and contemporary subject. The book is an essential reading for all those who are concerned about securing a firm and sound foundation for sustainable development.

About Author

Samar Singh was a member of the Indian Administrative Service (1962-2000). He held several senior positions in Madhya Pradesh, his cadre state, and with the Government of India, where he worked first in the Ministry of Agriculture and then in the Ministry of Environment & Forests. Thereafter, for seven years, he was on deputation as the Secretary-General of the World Wide Fund for Nature-India (WWF-India), the country's largest conservation NGO, and retired in June 2000 at the level of Secretary to the Government of India.

A recipient of the 'Order of the Golden Ark', an international award for exceptional work done in the field of nature conservation, he has authored many books, among which are Conserving India's Natural Heritage (1987), World Charter for Nature (2000), Religion and Conservation (2000) and Maintenance of Public Order (2004).

Presently, he is the President of WPA-India, the Samarpan Foundation and the Tourism & Wildlife Society of India and is associated with several other conservation bodies, including the Foundation for Ecological Security.










Ecological Security,Issues and Challenges





Amrita Patel





Faiths and Ecological Security





Karan Singh





Dimensions of Ecological Security





L.M. Singhvi





Governance for Ecological Security





Ashok Khosla





Policy and Planning for Ecological Security





Shekhar Singh





Gender and Ecological Security





Vandana Shiva





Livelihoods and Ecological Security





N.C. Saxena





Lifestyles and Ecological Security





R. Rajamani





The Earth Charter and Ecological Security





Kamla Chowdhry





Human Rights and Ecological Security





J.S. Verma





Globalization and Ecological Security





Jairam Ramesh





Ecological Security: Backbone of National Food Security





M. S. Swaminathan





Political Process and Ecological Security





Najma Heptulla





Education and Ecological Security





Erach Bharucha





Institutional Framework for Ecological Security





Dilip K. Biswas





Natural Resource Management and Ecological Security





P.S. Ramakrishnan





Media for Ecological Security 





N. Bhaskara Rao





Accounting for Ecological Security





R.K. Pachauri








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