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Year: 2006



ISBN: 817541278X

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About the Book

Malayalees, the inhabitants of Kerala, who could make a name for themselves since they started to stir out of their village moorings from the closing decades of nineteenth century, can in a sense be called a globalised community by virtue of their presence in almost all parts of the world.

The book, a pioneering study on the migratory movements of Keralites, gives a vivid account of the process of migration of Keralites from the very beginning with an array of facts and figures collected from divergent sources. The presentation of outward migration of Keralites within the framework of migration in India makes the book all the more attractive.

The book will be a valuable source of information not only to the hundreds of thousands of Malayalees but also to the academics and the readers alike from far and wide.

About Author

K.V. Joseph, formerly Professor of Economics, St. Xavier's College, Thumba, Trivandrum and the author of Economics of Film Industry in India, Migration and Economic Development of Kerala, Economics of Indian Cinema and Culture and Industrial Development: The Indian Experience, is a scholar of repute with a large number of research publications to his credit. Winner of the prestigious Raja Sir Ramaswamy Medal from the University of Madras, Dr. Joseph is currently doing research on Economics of Culture Industry with Reference to Television in India.


List of Tables;
Beginning of the Process of Migration;
Migration to foreign Lands;
Trends in Internal Migration since 1920;
Profile of the Migrants;
Malayalee Sattlers in other Parts of India;
Summary & Conclusion;

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