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Year: 2005


242 + xiv pp

About the Book

Migration in the history of mankind is a phenomenon of great interest to sociologists, anthropologists, economists and historians. This book deals with various forms of migration in South India with focus on rural to rural migration. Peasant migration from Travancore to the British Malabar started in the 1920s is a typical case of migration to rural areas in search of cultivable lands.

Despite the differences in the nature of migration, the volume explicates that economic factors were motivating force behind migration; and also analyses socio-cultural aspects of migration and its impact on the local population.

The book may be found useful by the research scholars and policy makers.

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About Author

Prof. K.S. Mathew is Director of the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Nirmalagiri (Kannur), Kerala, has over eighteen books and eighty-five research articles published in various national and international journals. He is a specialist in maritime history of India with emphasis on Indo-Portuguese relations.

Prof. Mahavir Singh, is Director of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute for Asian Studies. He is the Editor of Institute's journal Asia Annual and has a number of publications to his credit.

Dr Joy Varkey obtained his Ph.D degree from University of Ottawa, Canada and presently teaches History at N.A.M. College, Kallikkandy, Kannur University. He is author of The French Seaboard Empire and Louisbourg, 1713-1758.

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Contents: Preface, Acknowledgements, List of Tables,
KS. Mathew, Mahavir Singh and Joy Varkey
The Gujarathi Migrants in Kerala: The Cultural Aspects:
T. Jamal Mohamed
Emigration: Goa's Transformation from an Agrarian to Remittances-Based Economy
Remy Antonio Diano Dias
Bangalore City and Malayali Migration: Causes and Consequences
Francis Thonippara
Education of the Migrants from Kerala to Karnataka: Special Reference to Banglore
C. C. Joseph
Vocational Migration and Cultural Adaptation: The Case of Malayali Employees in Mysore
Jancy Gregory
Historiography of Migration to Malabar: A Critique
George Kudilil
Socio-Cultural Determinants and the Peasant Migration from Travancore to Malabar]
K V. Joseph
Migration to Malabar and the Archdiocese of Tellicherry George Valiamattam
George Valiamattam
Change for Social Mobility: Migrant Farming Community of Malabar - Some Trends
M Retna Raj
Small Scale Farmers in Kannur District in the Socio-Economic Characteristics and Development Problems
N.J. Saleena
Out Migration Among Migrant Peasant Groups in Malabar
T. A. John
Migrant Settlements and Native Alienation in Malabar: A Human Problem Requiring Humanistic Response
S. Gregory
Peasant Migration to Wayanad and its Impact on Tribal People
Joy Varkey
Bonded Labour System in Wayanad: The Case of Paniyas and Adiyas
K. VPavithran and Biju Abraham
Socio-Economic Status of Tribal People in Udayagiri Panchayath
K. V Pavithran and Biju Abraham

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