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N. VENUH (Ed.)

Year : 2004

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About the Book

The Nagas belong to multi ethnic groups and sub-groups, but with similarity in physical features and affinity in culture. Before the advent of the British to the Naga Hills, the Nagas were in a state of confinement as they followed the traditions of their forefathers in all socio-economic and political aspects. Though British administration brought changes in Naga society yet certain traits of traditional life and culture persisted.

The book focuses on the scenario of social and cultural change that is taking place in the Naga society today.

Contents -- Change- The Law of Life, The Ao Naga Village Organization, Change and Continuity in Naga Customary Law, Culture Change - Festivals and Dress, Working System of Ariju, Beliefs and Practices - A Perspective Change, Change of Political Institutions, Changes in Naga Work Culture, Forces and Factors of Change in Naga Society, Continuity and Change - World View and Transformation

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About Author

Dr. N. Venuh is a Reader and Head, Department of History and Archaeology, Nagaland University. He obtained his M. A./M. Phil from N.E. H. U, Shillong and his Ph.D. from Nagaland University, Kohima.

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Change: The Law of Life: A.K. Ray
The Ao Village Organisation: Origin to Present Day: J. Lonkumer
Change and Continuity in Naga Customary Law: Akang Ao
Cultural Change Among the Nagas: Festivals and Dress: Anungla Aier
Working System of Ariju in Traditional Ao Society: A Socio-cultural Institution: Lanunungsangs
Beliefs and Practices: A Perspective Change: S. V. Babu
Change of Political Institution of Nag a Society: N. Venuh
Changes in Naga Work Culture: D. Kou/ie
Forces and Factors of Change in Naga Society: Kekhrie Yhome
Administrative and Social Factors: The Change in Naga Society: Charles Chasie
World View and Transformation: Akim Longchari

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