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Year : 2004

Bibliography : xx + 184 pp

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About the Book

Sarasibala Basu (1886-1929) belonged to the generation of writers of the Bengali renaissance period, along with Rabindranath and Saratchandra, though she was born almost a generation later. In her short lifespan and despite all kinds of adverse circumstancea she made a big impact on Bengali literature. Sarasibala wrote passionately and eloquently about the social issues and the world around her.
In Prabal, we see a society in transition. Rural areas are alienated from urban areas. Widow marriage causes a storm in a rural town but does not raise a ripple in Calcutta. Anglicised Bengali Babus and memshahebs look like crows in their western garb but they want to sing like Koels. They are armchair critics of social ills but are unwilling to do anything to change them. But Sarasibala does. With her pen --- sometimes in sarcasm, and other times in narration and in the plot of Prabal --- she finds the real cause of social ills and suggests remedies. But in doing so, her style of story telling doesn't become weak or dry lecturing.

Sarasibala's views and her social values are no less relevant today. She wrote more than twenty novels, many short stories and poems and all of them were published in the prestigious periodicals of the day, including, Bharatbarsha, Prabasi, Manashi, and Marmabani.

"In these days of widespread movement for equality of women there a is need for re-evaluation of a book like Prabal. This book is very valuable in the context of changing human values and Bengali society today."

--- Padmasri Nabanita Deb-Sen

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About Author

Dr. Jadu Saha, after his retirement from the Canadian Civil Service as a Director General began his literary career in 2001. His poems in English have been published in American anthologies and his short stories in Bengali in magazines in the US. His first poetry book, Whispers of Silence was published in Canada in 2001 and his other translated books include Songs of Rabindranath Tagore, The Flute: Selected Poems of Rabindranath Tagore, Rabindranath Tagore - Writings for Children, Rabindranath Tagore - Portraits of Women: Selected Short Stories, Rabindranath Tagore - Images of Women: Selected Poems (Shipra Publications, Delhi).


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