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xii + 239 pp 

ISBN: 9788175418837(HB)

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About the Book

Book attempts to provide a meaningful explanation of issues, like why to study educational psychology?, what is its utility to the prospective as well as in-service teachers?, what is its role in making education child oriented? All these issues are explained by incorporating the views of great educational psychologists in a simple way.

About Author

J C Aggarwal, a former Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of Textbooks, Delhi Administration has written extensively on Education, History and contemporary affairs. Before joining Delhi Administration, he taught in a Postgraduate Teacher Training College. His recent publications : Basic Ideas in Education, Modern Indian Education: History, Development, and Problems: Educational Reforms in India – for the 21st century.


Meaning, Scope and Significance of Educational Psychology. General Ptrinciples of Growth and Development Growth Curve. Characteristics of Adolescence. Present Society : Problems, Worries, Anxieties of and Fears of Adolescence. Interests, Goals and Values of Indian Adolescents. Developmental Tasks of Adolescence and their Implications. Guidance and Counselling for Proper Development of Adolescent’s Personality. Learning Concept and Process : Primary and Concomitant Learning. Domains of Learning, their Characteristics and Educational Implications. Behaviouristic, Cognitive and Humanistic Perspectives to Learning Process. Factors Affecting Learning: Individual Differences. Social Factors Affecting Learning.School Factors Affecting Learning. Exceptional Children:Educational Provisions. Curriculum, Methods of Teaching and Assessment. Education of Physically Handicapped Children. Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment. Types of Evaluation. Tools for Evaluation. Characteristics of a Good Tool of Evaluation. Standardized Tests and Teacher – Made Tests. Construction of Achievement Tests. Elementary Concepts on Averages, Deviations, Normal , Distribution and Correlation. Statistical Analysis : Tabulation and Graphical Presentations of Scores. Uses and Calculation of Mean, Median, Percentiles and Standard Deviation. Appendix.

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