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xii + 204 pp, First Published in 2001

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About the Book

The Book attempts to present penetrating and subtle thoughts of the masterminds on educational thoughts and practices in a simple way. It includes the vary thinking of Eastern educational philosophers from Yajna Valkya to Gandhi and of the Western from Socrates to Dewey. Besides providing a detailed analysis of the contribution of Tagore, Gandhi, Krishnamurthy, Rousseau, Freire and Dewey, it incorporates a brief life sketch, publications and essence of the work of eighty eight outstanding educators who have made a very significant contribution to educational principles and practices. The book includes informative and inspiring material with up to date facts figures and insights relevant to the emerging problems in a developing society. The book also throws light on issues like- why to educate? What to educate? How to educate?

About Author

J C Aggarwal, a former Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of Textbooks, Delhi Administration has written extensively on Education, History and contemporary affairs. Before Joining Delhi Administration, he taught in a Postgraduate Teacher Training College. His recent publications are: Educational Reforms in India – for the 21st Century; Landmarks in the History of Modern Indian Education; Essentials of Educational Technology.


Education : Its Conceptual Development, Traditional and Modern. Educational Aims, Functions, Direction and Priorities in Indian Context. Basic Concepts : Teaching, Training, Learning, Inquiry and Education. Basic Assumptions about Human Nature. Education as a Dialogue . Knowledge and its Sources. Basic Concepts in the Sociology of Education : Socialisation, Equality, Authority. Knowledge and Ideology in Relation to Curriculum and Textbooks. Education and the Societal Context : Social Transformation/Change. Education in the Cultural Context. Education and Values. Education and the Modern Ethos : Modernization of Education. Education and Democracy. Education and the Challenges of Science and Technology. Curriculum : Basic Principles : Established and Innovative Practices. Curriculum Reconstruction in India. Rabindranath Tagore . Mahatma Gandhi. J.Krishnamurti. Rousseau.Paulo Freire. John Dewey. Great Educational Philosophers and Thinkers.

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