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Year: 1995


About the Book

In days to come, shelter would have maximum awareness and attention, and would be a central point of progress/total development of human being. All the cities of developing countries have huge housing backlog and gap between demand and supply is increasing. By the end of the century, India would have a backlog of 41 million housing units.
The book consists of housing policies at macro level in general, in few countries, in super metropolitan cities; housing technology in terms of different norms and standards, low cost housing; new models of housing, specially in relation to slum areas, energy conservation, prevention of pollution, innovation in private sector, joint sector-case examples of Delhi. The book would be certainly useful to policy makers at various levels, Planning Commission, Planning Boards, housing Boards, Development Authorities and students.

About Author

R.G. Gupta is a B.Sc., B.Arch. (Gold Medalist) form the university of Roorkee and Post Graduate in T. & C.P. from the school of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. He received a P.G. Diploma in R.D.P. from the Netherlands. He was a research scholar in Civil Engineering(T & T), I.I.T., Delhi.


Housing in some countries : China, South Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malasia, Sri Lanka, Philippines,
Housing in some cities of India: Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, National Capital Region, Kanpur, Indore, Noida, Metropolitan Cities, Delhi
Surveys and Theories

Environmental planning norms, resettlement colonies, Planning and integrated development, Quality of Life, Zonal Plan, Physical planning of resettlement colonies, Housing in urban villages, Housing in rural settlements, Housing for landless labourers, Housing in unauthorised regularised colonies, housing by urban renewal, Housing for slum dwellers, Redevelopment of mumdewalan complex, Planning of shelter & low cost specifications, Traffic & transportation, Developing large green areas & role of private sector, Recreational facilities, Energy conservation housing and urbanisation, Pollution control & housing, Planning administration of mega city, Joint venture & private sector, Planning practices & professional charges for urban spaces, Role of development authorities & new housing policy, Index

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