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Year: 2021


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ISBN: 9789388691789

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About the Book

Advocating clarity, coherence and reform, this book draws focus to the need for a unified and comprehensive approach to India’s National Security. Not only has it become increasingly important that India’s potential security threats, both internal and external, are reviewed, but there is also a need to integrate strategies against non-traditional elements and challenges. In delving into such trends, the book provides recommendations on modernization, procurement, force management, de-radicalization, cyber security, space security, intelligence, psychological warfare, and strategic actions, among other essential factors. Reflecting on both threats and challenges emanating out of an increasingly complex and ever evolving geopolitical landscape, it argues for internal stability and external autonomy; calling for a National Security Strategy that is long-term, systematic, and consistent.


Research Team: Dr. Pankaj K Jha, Zeus Hans Mendez,   Swati Lakshmi Batchu, Rayan V Bhagwagar

About Author

Dr. Pankaj K Jha is Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Research, as well as the Director for Centre for Security Studies at the Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P Jindal Global University. He was the Director (Research) with the Indian Council of World Affairs for more than two and half years. He also worked as Deputy Director with the National Security Council Secretariat (2012-2013) and was closely associated with the national security apparatus in India.

Mr. Zeus Hans Mendez is student at the Jindal School of International Affairs, Sonipat, and Centre Coordinator at the Centre for Security Studies, JSIA. His research has focused on topics of military modernization, insurgencies, deradicalization within the realm of Security and Strategic Studies with a specific interest in the Indo-Pacific region. He is also focused on understanding conflict resolution, and peacebuilding in active conflict environments. Additionally, he serves as Research Coordinator at the Centre for Middle East Studies and Research Assistant at the Centre for Security and Strategy Studies (CeSCube).

Ms. Swati Lakshmi Batchu is student of Jindal School of International Affairs, Sonipat, specializing in Peace and Conflict Studies and Research Assistant at the Centre for Security Studies. Her research interests include information warfare, space war-fare, para-military activity and insurgencies, and area studies. Additionally, she is also invested in studying international peace-keeping and peacebuilding, and systematic violence reduction in conflict areas. She is currently also working as Student Coordinator for the Centre for India-China Studies and Research Assistant for the Centre for Afghanistan studies.

Mr. Rayan V Bhagwagar is student of Jindal School of International Affairs, Sonipat and Research Assistant at the Centre for Security Studies. He is currently pursuing a Master of Art’s degree in Diplomacy, Law & Business, specialising in Defence & National Security Studies. His fields of interest lie in modern military history, strategic affairs, tactics, platforms and national security, with a keen eye on Chinese military development and the global initiative toward containing the threat




1. Analysing Security Strategy Documents

2. India’s Strategic Environment

3. Internal Security Challenges

4. Modernisation of the Defence Forces

5. Defence Procurement

6. Police and Paramilitary Management

7. Integrated Information Networks

8. Space and Cyber Security

9. Psychological Warfare

10. Need for Intelligence Reforms

11. Using Futuristic Strategies


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