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Year : 2004

Bibliography : 80 pp

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About the Book

Folk literature and folk culture are being eclipsed by ever expanding Industrial culture. It is high time to save and preserve them, as they are our ancestral heritage' and Folk tales are backbones of that philosophy.
The present collection reflects beliefs, disbeliefs, dogmas, imagination and culture of Haryana, a rich State in North India. Most of these stories are related to birds and animals. Entertainment, enjoyment and development of imagination are the aims of these stories. It is hoped that readers will welcome the book.

18th Jan 2004

About Author

Dr. Jai Narain Kaushik, Ex-Director, Haryana Sahitya Akademy, an eminent writer and educationist is a non-official member of Hindi Salahakar Samiti of the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. He has been honoured by a number of academic bodies and by the President of India for his outstanding contribution in the field of education. Some of his books have won National Awards. Out of four dozen books to his credit, one dozen books are for children.


Moonga and Motha,
The Farmer and the Cock
Camel and Jackal
Sparrow and a Little Crow
Buffalow and the Sparrow
Two Sparrow
Little Mouse and the Sparrow
Weaver Bird and the Elephants
Illiterate Dogs
The Warlike and Lion-killer Foxes
The Clod and the Leaf
A Never Lasting Story
The Weaver Sparrow and a Monkey
Drip-Drop and a Lion
A Crazy Crow
Revengeful Animals
Lioness Married to a Jackal
The Revengeful Fox
Worker Sparrow and Shirker Crow
A Wise Donkey and a Foolish Lion

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