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The Centre conducts and promotes research, training and publications in the field of land administration and allied areas. It fundamentally organises Field Study and Research Programme (Earlier known as Village-Visit Programme) for the OTs during the Foundational Course. It is also involved in preparation and canvassing of schedules through OTs during their district training. The data on various socio-economic issues is captured and used by OTs for preparing socio-economic and land reform reports of assigned villages. Based on these reports the Centre has published a series of ‘Land Reforms in India’ and three series of ‘Socio-Economic Profile of Rural India.’ Other publications of the Centre include books, articles, research papers and most importantly the peer reviewed Journal of Land and Rural Studies, published by Sage Publications, New  Delhi, is an international platform for disseminating and sharing opinions on above mentioned subjects. The Centre is also engaged is organizing workshops for regular exchange of views on land administration and rural development.


About Author

B N Yugandhar Centre for Rural Studies (BNYCRS), since its establishment in the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie in the year 1989, has emerged as a leading resource/ establishment for training of Officer Trainees (OTs) of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and policy recommendations. 


Foreword by Srinivas R. Katikithala

A Message from the Editors



1 Introduction: Land Survey in India

Anandhi, IAS and Snehasis Mishra


History of Cadastral/ Revenue Survey in India

Objective of the Handbook

 Definition of Different Terms with reference to Land Survey

 2 Existing Practices of Land Surveying and Recording Systems in States

 2.1 Andhra Pradesh

 Siddharth Jain, IAS

Survey, Settlement and Land Records in Andhra Pradesh – An Overview

 Necessity of Resurvey

 Case study of the Pilot Project of Resurvey: Success, Challenges and Way Ahead

 Resurvey Project Undertaken in Andhra Pradesh: Success, Challenges and Way Ahead

 2.2 Assam

 Indrajit Das and Manoranjan Ray

 Brief History of Land Survey and Settlement in Assam

 Evolution of Technology for Cadastral Survey

 Procedure of Record Preparation

 Maintenance of Field Map

 Block Survey and Extension Survey

 Resettlement Operation

 Problems/Issues faced at the field level while conducting Traditional Survey Operations

 Modern Land Survey Initiatives Taken

2.3 Bihar

 Manoj Kumar Jha and Chandan Kumar

Background and Introduction

 Establishment of Bihar Project Management Unit

 Process of Special Land Survey

 Various dimensions of the ongoing Bihar Special Survey and Settlement Programme

 Shortcomings diagnosed and solution at various stages of Special Survey and Settlement Programme

 2.4 Gujarat

 Ashok Nada and Jani Jyotinkumar Prahladbhai


Challenges and Problems Faced by following present survey system and during preparing of records

Learnings from Past, overcome the challenges and initiate Pilot Project on Modern Survey

Present Methodology of Survey and preparation of Survey Records

How Survey has been taking place

City Survey in Gujarat

Modernized Survey and preparation of accurate records: Overall Development, innovative actions and implementations of various policies

 Policy Recommendations

 Guidelines on Survey and Settlement

 2.5 Haryana

 Mohinder Kumar, IAS (Retd.)


 Guidelines regarding Land Survey in Haryana

 Recent Practices on Resurvey

 Problems/issues faced at field level by practising the current survey and land recording systems

 Acts and Manuals for Survey and Settlement in Haryana

 2.6 Karnataka

 Dr. Ashok Sanganal

History of Land Survey in Karnataka

 Current Practices of Land Surveying

 Modern Surveying Practices Deployed in Karnataka

 Initiatives taken on Land Survey and its related Services to the Citizens

 Concluding Remarks

 2.7. Kerala

 Dr. Anishia Jayadev

 A Brief History of Survey in Kerala

 Revisional Survey in Kerala: why it was felt necessary

 Existing Practices of Land Surveying and Recording Systems

 Improvised Modern Techniques used for Land Survey in Kerala

 Issues and Way Forward

 The Way Forward

 2.8. Madhya Pradesh

 Ashutosh Tiwari


 Current Survey Methods (Adopted by the State Government)

 Resurvey in Madhya Pradesh

 New Initiative in the Field of Land Survey

 The Way Forward

 2.9. Maharashtra

 Sham Khamkar


 Types of Surveys Carried out in Maharashtra

 Existing Practices of Land Surveying and Recording Systems

 Problems/ issues faced at field level by practising the Current Survey and Land Recording Systems

 Any pilot/intervention undertaken in the past/present or any future plan: issues, challenges and learning from such interventions

 Current Initiatives on Land Survey

 2.10. Rajasthan

 Dr. Shashi Jain and Krishna Singh Shekhawat

 Land Survey System in Rajasthan

 Recent History of Survey Operations in Rajasthan

 Present System of Land Survey and Settlement Operations (Resurvey)

 Case Study of Chomu Tehsil in District Jaipur

 Success, Problems and Way Ahead in Land Survey in Rajasthan

 2.11. Uttar Pradesh

 Sunil Kumar Jha

 Historical Background

 Current Procedure of Land Survey

 Difficulties and Solutions in the Current Process

 Recent Initiatives of Land Survey in Uttar Pradesh (Survey by Drone - Svamitva Scheme)


 2.12. West Bengal

 Chittaranjan Das, IAS (Retd.)

 Revenue Survey: A Brief Background

 Survey for Preparation of Cadastral Mauza Maps

 Revisional Survey

 LR Survey and Settlement Operation

 Methodology of Survey and Settlement Operations

 Land Reforms Organization

 Problems in Revisional Survey

 Initiatives Taken for the Modernization in Survey and Mapping

 3 Modern Methods of Land Surveying: Models and Technologies

 Lt. Gen Girish Kumar, VSM (Retd.)


 Modern Technologies for Land Survey

 Current Survey Technologies for Land Parcel Survey

 Conclusion,  Contributors

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