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Year: 2022


ISBN: 9789391978181(HB)

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About the Book

Covering the expanse of the educative world, this book offers avenues to think afresh about education as envisioned in the National Education Policy 2020. NEP 2020 brought with itself a lot of challenges, possibilities and solutions which needs cognizance. Through this book, the readers will get opportunity to get acquainted to all themes of NEP as the chapters deliberate on Indianness of India's education and its language, art, culture and mathematics, science and technology, higher education and pre-primary education, teacher preparation and education, childhood and youth’s literacy, inclusive and holistic education, vocational and professional education, research and life-long learning, education through digital world. Every chapter of the book clarifies certain discipline-specific concepts, shares the historical journey and concludes with a note of recommendation, paving ways for the smooth implementation of the policy.

The authors who have contributed to this book possess profound knowledge of their subject. Their unique contemplations have provided a distinctive flavor to the book. The book will help the readers to form an informed opinion about the Indian education system and at the same time provide an understanding of its possibilities for future generation.




About Author

Professor Pankaj Arora has been serving in CIE, University of Delhi for around twenty-four years. Presently he is working as Director, Institute of Life Long Learning, University of Delhi. He is serving UGC as Member of various Expert Committees with regard to implementation of NEP 2020 at National level.


Professor Haneet Gandhi teaches in the Faculty of Education (CIE), University of Delhi. Her areas of specialisation are Mathematics Education, Quantitative Methods in Educational Research and Assessment for Learning.


  • Foreword by Professor M. Jagadesh Kumar
  • Message by Professor D.P. Singh
  • Message by Professor V. K. Malhotra
  • National Education Policy 2020: Charting its Uniqueness and Recommendations  /Pankaj Arora
  • Language, Education and Language Policy of Education  /C.K. Saluja
  • Creating and Maintaining the Honour of Teachers: A Profound Vision of NEP  /Pawan Sinha
  • Children, Childhood and Education  /Usha Sharma
  • School: A Site for Curriculum and Pedagogy  /Haneet Gandhi
  • National Education Policy 2020: From the Lens of Inclusion  /Yukti Sharma
  • Decentralisation of Schooling through School Complexes and Clusters  /Kaushal Kishore and Chandan Shrivastava
  • Indianness in Education: Foundational Key for a Self-Reliant India  /Pankaj Arora
  • Reading and Writing: A Strong Foundation for Literacy  /Usha Sharma
  • Foundational Numeracy: A Quintessential Ingredient for a Developing Nation   /Haneet Gandhi and Mansi Popli
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to Education: Effective Teaching-Learning Routines  /Jyoti Sharma
  • Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education  /Navleen Kaur
  • Nep 2020 Recommendations on Vocational Education: A Critical Analysis, and the Way Forward/ P.K. Misra
  • In Pursuits of Strengthening Academic Research  /Pranita Gopal
  • Genesis, Current Status and Future of Higher Education In India  /Anjali Bajpai
  • Structure and Paradigm of Indian Higher Education System  /Geetika Datta
  • Rise and Future of Professional Education in India  /Asheesh Srivastava
  • NEP’s Vision on Strengthening Adult Education and Lifelong Learning  /Nisha Singh -
  • Governance and Leadership in Higher Education  /Saroj Sharma and Akshita Bahuguna
  • Preparing for e-Education through Online and Digital Resources  /Amit Kauts
  • Education for Sustainability: One of the Pillars of Quality Education  /Seema Dhawan and Ashu Roulet
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  • Contributors


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