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राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा नीति 2020: रचनात्मक सुधारो की ओर


Year : 2021

Bibliography :

pp xviii+214

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About the Book

We are happy that the book on"national policy on education-2020: towards constructive reforms"is in your hands. the arrival of the long awaited national policy on education 2020 also brings with it a 'pitara' of many possibilities, challenges and solutions that must be kept in mind. the most important thing about this policy document is that it has tried to preserve all the important points as a heritage. efforts are also made to convert the deep thinking about schooleducation and higher education in the national policy on education 2020 into 'ground reality'. the implementation of policy points is not only complex in itself, but it also expects that thethematic concepts be clearly understood. the entire chapter of the book presented explains, on the one hand, the thematic concepts related to education, gives a detailed account of its historical journey and on the other hand, analyses the recommendations of the national policy on education 2020. they also pave the way for implementation of policy recommendations after analysis.

the authorship of various chapters of the book is experienced subject matter experts, educationists in their respective fields of knowledge and the education world has always benefited from their scholarship. the way the nuances of the subject have been analysed by all the subject experts reveal the dimensions of re-thinking.

About Author


  • professor pankaj arora has been teaching and researching at the central institute of education,delhi university for the last 24 years. at present, you are also taking over as director of the institute of lifelong education,delhi university.
  • professor usha sharma, ncert, new delhi has about 19 years of spiritual life experience while teaching class i. academic editor of children's magazine 'spin children' and research magazine 'primary teacher'. at present, you are also in charge of the national literacy centre cell, ncert.



amukh : professor m. jagdish kumar

good luck message : professor d. p. sih

good luck : professor v. k. malhotra


1. national education policy 2020: a overview

pankaj arora

2. language policy of language, education and education

moon-ray saluja

3. enlightened heritage: indian teachers

pawan sinha

4. children, childhood and education_

usha sharma

5. school: laboratory of curriculum and pedagogy

hanit gandhi and kanchan sharma

6. conch.... inclusion in education

bharti and manoj kumar

7. efficient effective governance through school complex/cluster

sunita singh

8. indianization of india and education

pankaj arora and ramanand pandey

9. reading and writing: the solid foundation of education

usha sharma

10. the foundation of mathematical life

hanit gandhi

11. holistic and multidisciplinary education

atul kumar shukla

12. equitable inclusion and education_

kashyapi awasthi & r. c. patel

13. new design of vocational education

shirish pal singh and shashi ranjan

14. quality basis: academic research

gyandev mani tripathi

15. higher education and its regulatory mechanism

gopal krishna thakur

16. higher education: administration and leadership_

saroj sharma and sushma kumari

17. self-reliant india and professional education

rishabh kumar mishra

18. learning for life

pankaj arora & vishwas

19. world of communication and education_

seema dhawan and mamta aswal



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