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Year: 2000


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About the Book

The most important contribution of the elementary or secondary school teacher is his/her ability to make interpretations, innovations, invent his/her own study units. Meaningful science education for pre-service and in-service teachers is imperative to develop study units in this direction. And qualitative rather than quantitative aspect of in-service orientation programmes is crucial.
The book emphasises on new approaches, effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of pre and in-service programmes to reflect upon development of desired competencies in teaching and minimum levels of learning which a pupil must acquire at the primary level. It focuses on development of exemplar science teaching learning materials; integrated science teaching activities and projects; motivational devices in science teaching and learning; classroom research etc. The book may be useful to all interested in the subject.


About Author

M K Jain, Former Director, Planning Commission Library, New Delhi and at present Director, ILICC, has been in the profession since 1951 and held distinguished positions in India and abroad. He has been associated with several National and International Library Committees and Associations. He is the author of eight books. He has been honoured with several awards for his contribution.

Prof. P B Mangla, has been associated with Department of Library and Information Science, Delhi University, Delhi, Since 1959. He has visited 35 countries on professional assignments, served in the Tebriz University, Iran as Head, Department of Library and Information Science, and UNESCO expert in West Indies and attended many meetings, conferences and seminars of IFLA and other International organisations. He has been honoured with several awards for his outstanding contribution to the profession.

Prof. D R Kalia, is a veteran library scientist in the country who has held top positions in India and abroad which earned him the title of a ‘Scholar Librarian’. He has been UN and UNESCO library expert and library adviser to Government of India. He has been honoured with many awards for his contribution. He has authored half a dozen books.

Dr. (Mrs.) Neela Jagannathan is University Librarian and Information Officer, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. She has published several papers in Indian and foreign journals. She is the Joint Director of the ‘Directory of Women Studies Organisations in India’ published by the Association of India and Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada.


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