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All About Meditation

Art and Science of Fulfillment and Euphoria

Year: 2021



ISBN: 9789388691857(HB)

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About the Book

Every person aspiring for living a happy and fulfilling life, desiring to make it big and counted, should learn and practice meditation because sustained meditation fuels physical energy, and enhances mental focus. Meditation also brings in positivity, clarity, and confidence in self and Supreme, bringing all round benefits of transformational proportions.

This book lays out the entire exhilarating journey, in a simple style, explaining dos and don’ts, and deals with expected hurdles and twists expected on the way. It pre-warns against avoidable potholes, bumps and detours, thereby helps to maintain steady and unhindered progress. The book lucidly deals with concepts and doctrines. The entire spectrum is segmented under discernible stages to help practitioner navigate tracks with proficiency and deftness.

The book also contains in-depth commentaries about wide range of techniques available to every practitioner to test, try and use what works for them. In short, this book provides a bird’s eye view of entire meditation universe. Smooth transition from being enthusiast to a beginner; from being a casual experimenter to regular meditator; and from being a seeker to reach to expert in meditation, is indeed the unique feature differentiating this book from others.

About Author

Ashok Tyagi (1960) gave up an immensely successful corporate career at the prime age of 51 to pursue superior aims of human life guided by Ancient Indian systems. His hands on understanding of religio-cultural nuances soon inspired him to pursue Spirituality in right earnest and on full time basis. His renunciation of blind-faith in traditions makes him a modern day thinker deep rooted in Universal values. He dedicates this shining insight, a result of over decade long endeavor, to the matured householders who have reached to the pinnacle of success in terms of current social norms and are dedicated to invest prime energy for something enduring and abiding.

Mr. Tyagi, a modern hermit, pursues Spiritual practices and intellectual vocation living in Surabaya, Indonesia with his wife Esha.


Stage One

  1. Curious Explorer
  2. Crossing Over Preparatory Issues
  3. Body or Mind not being Who We Are
  4. Advancing Indisputable Acceptance
  5. Practising Santosha: Contentment with Gratitude
  6. Living in the Present Moment
  7. Cultivating Art of Detachment
  8. Crossing over Myths Surrounding Meditation
  9. Role of Teachers in Meditation Journey
  10. Obstructions and Hindrances for Meditation

Stage Two

  1. The Beginner
  2. Uplifting Moral Standards
  3. Developing Positivity in Attitude
  4. Magnifying Self-Awareness
  5. Invigorate Willpower for Self-Control
  6. Making Efforts for Unlocking Success in Meditation
  7. Meditation Techniques and Practices
  8. Mindfulness Meditation as most Recommended Practice

Stage Three

  1. The Regular Meditator
  2. Controlling Mental Distractions
  3. Other General Practices for Improving Meditation
  4. Embracing Mauna, the Voice of Silence
  5. Concentration—Disciplining the Mind for Undivided
  6. Attention
  7. Crossing over Materialism

Stage Four

  1. The Skilled Meditator
  2. Regulating/Training the Mind
  3. Transcending the Ego Beyond all Subjectivities
  4. Challenging Frustrations/Obstacles for Advance Meditators
  5. Raising Self-consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness



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