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Year: 2021


pp viii+138

ISBN: 9789388691727(HB)

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About the Book

Though there are many theories and perspectives to explain Continuous Professional Development (CPD), yet the question of product and process has always been a concern. This book provides enough space to develop a comprehensive and critical perspective about CPD with the help of various field-based studies. It may help teachers not only to change their perspectives and ideas towards teaching as a profession and their own professional growth, but also to make sense of what is knowledge, how children construct it and perceive others’ knowledge. Different issues related to theoretical and practical aspects of CPD are included. It provides a broad framework to deal with such issues within the school system.

The book may be an asset for the in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, teacher-educators and policy makers who wish to develop as a reflective practitioner.

About Author

Dr. Sandeep Kumar is an Assistant Professor at Central Institute of Education (CIE), Department of Education, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. His research interest focuses on Psychology, Sociology, Research in Education, CPD and Human Rights Education. He has completed many projects, National and International, and presented many research papers in various national and international conferences. He has published various articles and books with renowned publication houses. He has been associated with NCERT, NCTE, KVS, Open University-United Kingdom and many other such well-known institutions.



1. Introduction

2. Continuous Professional Development and Code of Conduct of Teaching Profession

3. Reflective Process: Practice and Philosophy

4. Reflection: Some Models and Perspectives

5. A Teacher’s Struggle

6. Knowing about Knowing

7. Knowledge Base for Continuous Professional Development

8. Reflective Practice: Process and Journal Writing

9. Diary Writing: A Tool for Professional Development

10. Continuous Professional Development through Teachers’ Research

11. Metacognition and Reflective Practices

12. Professional Development and the Learner Centered School: Paradigm Shifts in Professional Development

13. Reflective Teaching

14. Mentoring and Continuous Professional Development

15. Benefits and Challenges of Reflective Practices



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