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Year: 2019


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ISBN: 9789388691253(HB)

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About the Book

India witnessed prolific growth in Management education in recent decades.  An increasing number of questions are raised about mushrooming growth: available faculty, course content, relevance, effectiveness, institute-industry interface etc.  Management education needs to be revitalised and reengineered to the expectations of all the key stakeholders such as students, faculty, society, industry, and government.  A broad based consultation with stakeholders would help in developing a holistic framework for effective Management education.  Fundamental issues to be tackled are faculty shortage, lack of accountability, absence of effective regulatory body, poor research, lack of pedagogical innovations, lesser industry-institute interface and lower employability of B-School products.  It is time to collectively reflect and act so that we are ready for next wave of Management education.

About Author

Dr. P. Satyanarayana is a senior distance educator. He is associated with planning and founding Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University and Indira Gandhi National Open University. He has participated in many national and international seminars and conferences and contributed to several journals on different dimensions of social sciences. He has published a number of books on open distance education. Currently he is Overseas Educational Consultant to OKOS Communication Systems in the USA.


Dr. Lakshmi Mantha teaches English at Osmania University College of Engineering. She is a certified NLP trainer and specialist in Business Communication through distance mode and communication consultant to several organisations, she has participated in national and international seminars, workshops and conferences; contributed to journals on different dimensions of Open Learning. She has published books on different aspects of open distance education.


Dr. Mrs. C. Sesharatnam is a former Joint Director of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University. She has worked in the areas of student support, staff development, women’s development, course development, etc. She has attended national and international seminars, discussions and conferences and regularly contributes to journals on social development. She has a number of books to her credit.  She received Best Teacher Award in the year 2002 from A.P. Government.


1. Importance of Management Education

2. Evolution of Management Education in India

3. Committees and Commissions

4. Business Schools

5. System of Total Quality Management Education (TQME)

6. Ranking

7. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

8. MBA Entrance Tests

9. Pedagogical Change

10. Employability

11. Aptitudes and Skills

12. Concerns

13. India Institutes of Management

14. Model Curriculum for MBA and PGDM

15. Distance Courses

16. Entrepreneurial Intention

17. Accreditation

18. Industry Interface

19. Globalization Impact

20. Research

21. Overseeing Organisation

22. UGC New Regulations


1. Top Accreditation Councils in India

2. Universities, Colleges Institutes offering Management Courses through Distance, Correspondence and Open Learning Modes

3. Times Top B Schools

4. Top B – Schools in India-CSR (2018)


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