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Year : 2018

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About the Book

The book is an endeavour to look into practices meant for academics, researchers and professionals in the field of research and academic writing. The specific focus is on academic writing, anti-plagiarism, copyright issues, citation and documentation. These practices are presented in the form of conceptual basis, perceptions and narratives from the field. Some of the practices are being used by the academia, which have been found to be very useful and fruitful while some others are suggested under the need of the hour. Academic writers encounter problems while dealing with concepts in academic writing, anti-plagiarism, copyright issues, citation and documentation. This book is not only a directional and fruitful document to answer the problems but it also serves as a handbook for academic writing.

All the practitioners including learners, researchers, authors, academic professionals, viz. pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and teacher educators, and other stakeholders may find the volume useful to make their academic writing and citation skills better and one level higher than the existing one.

About Author

Vinod Kumar Kanvaria is currently associated with Department of Education, University of Delhi, Delhi (India). He has a teaching and research experience of more than 15 years from Secondary School to University level, including Govt. of NCT of Delhi, NCERT and University of Delhi. His research interest areas are educational technology, ICT in and for education, academic writing, and pedagogy of mathematics.

He has presented a number of research papers in national and international seminars and conferences, his numbers of research papers have been published in the national and international journals. His several single authored and edited books have been published by LAP, Germany, VDM, Germany, Create Space, USA, GBO, New Delhi, VLMS, New Delhi and SPH, New Delhi, etc.




1. ABC of Academic Writing: A master key for the beginners

Vinod Kumar Kanvaria

Introduction; What Makes Academic Writing Unique?; Why Do We Need Academic Writing Citations?; Citing What?; Some Important Basic Concepts; Process, Evidence and Documentation of Academic Writing; Various Writing Tasks; Tips for Academic Writing; Precautions in Academic Writing; Code of Ethics for Academic Writing; Implications; Future of Academic Writing; Some Activities; Note from the Field  

2. Academic Writing: A brief introduction 16

A.B. Saxena

Academic Writing; Essential Characteristics; Journalistic Writing, Creative Writing and Academic Writing; Writing Academic Write-up  

3. Insight on Academic Writing 23

Pooja Gupta

Introduction; Some Commonly Used Referencing Styles; Guidelines for Academic Writing  

4. Effectiveness of Pedagogical Exercises Based on Academic Writing 33

Kartikeswar Behera 

Introduction; Operational Definition of Academic Writing; Scope of Academic Writing; Delimitation of the Present Study; Methodology; About Academic Writing; Steps Followed for Academic Writing; Extension of Writing Activities; Task Types on Writing; Additional Tips to Improve Writing Skills in English; Results

5. Plagiarism—A Major Concern in Academic Writing 47

Bharti Nagpal

Introduction; Academic Writing; Characteristics of Academic Writing; Elements of Academic Writing; Difference between Academic Writing, Journalistic Writing and Creative Writing; Different Types of Plagiarism; Common Misconceptions about Plagiarism; Different Ways of Avoiding Plagiarism; Relation between Plagiarism and Citation; Differences between Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement; Discussion and Analysis  

6. Effective Academic Writing and Elaborating its Paradoxes 60

Manju Gera and Ruchi Arora

Introduction; Exploring the Paradoxes of Academic Writing; Tips for Better Academic Writing; Checklist and Strategy to Start and Creatively Engage with Academic Writing; Advancing the Writing; Motivation to Write; Narratives from the Field; Common Types of College Writing Assignments; Picking and Limiting a Writing Topic; Three Characteristics of Effective Academic Writing; Effective Academic Writing  

7. Standard Academic Writings to Avoid Plagiarism 73

Manju Gupta

Introduction; Significance of the Specific Editorial Style; Importance of APA Style in Qualitative Researches; Why are Citations Needed?; Differences between References, Citations and Bibliography  Skill of Expression and Communication as Manuscript (Basic Skill of Academic Writing); Skill of Typing and Setting the Format in APA Style; Skill of Literature Review: A Key Academic Writing Skill; When to Review the Literature; Skill of Exploration: How to Identify Relevant Resources; Skill of Collection Relevant Material and Keeping a Record; Skill of Writing References in APA Style; Discussion  

8. Introduction to Academic Writing in English for Beginners 84

Khalida Akhtar

Introduction to Academic Writing in English for Beginners; Different Kinds of Academic Writings by Students in Colleges/Universities; Note Taking While Reading; Writing the Article Abstract; Citation; Referencing; Writing a Book Review; Writing Ph.D. Thesis / Dissertation  

9. Reflections of Students through Written Expressions: An assessment of affective learning 93

Vandana Chaudhary and Sanjay Kumar

Introduction; Objective of the Study; Hypothesis;Methodology; / Limitations; Findings

10. Academic Writing and Issues Pertaining to Plagiarism 105

Kiran Rani

Introduction; Issue of Originality and Creativity in Academic Writing; Plagiarism: Its Meaning and Beyond; Causes of Plagiarism and Suggestions for its Avoidance; Notes from the Field; Conclusion: Moving Towards Solutions

11. Plagiarism—Ways and Means to Avoid It

Pargat Singh

Concept of Plagiarism; Definitions of Plagiarism; Forms of Plagiarism; Ways and Means to Avoid Plagiarism

12. Need to Discuss Plagiarism

Payal Yadav

Introduction; Plagiarism and Related Issues; Some Instances of Plagiarism from Indian Academia; Laws or Policies Related to Plagiarism in Some Other Countries; Some Remedies to Reduce Plagiarism

13. Inculcating Academic Integrity amongst Students

Reyaz Hashmi

Introduction; Historical Background; What Constitute Plagiarism and What Not; Educating the Beginner; Teaching to Write Unique; Teaching Citation Skill; Understanding the Citation Sources; Writing Style

14. Plagiarism in Academic Writing: A preliminary study

Geeta Rai

Introduction; Literature Review; Rationale of the Present Study; Research Methodology; Data Analysis and Results

15. Documentation and Citation Process of Academic Writing

Akash Ranjan

Introduction; Citation Rule; Causes for Documentation and Citation; Frequently Asked Questions; Citation Styles (MLA, APA, SBL, etc.) Vary according to the Discipline; Citation Process of the Academic Writing; General APA Guidelines; Major Paper Sections; Title of Our Paper; Types of APA Papers; Literature Review; Experimental Report; Other Papers

16. Citation—Means to Prevent Plagiarism

Nishi Gupta

Introduction; Types of Citation; Purpose of Citation; Citation Systems; Citation Styles; How to Cite External Sources; What to Cite and What Not to; Misconceptions with Citation; Narratives/Instances from the Field viii

Academic Writing, Anti-Plagiarism and Citations

17. Comparison of Three Citation Styles—APA, MLA and CMS


Introduction; What is Documentation?; What Needs to be Documented?; What is Citation?; Citation Styles; Style Guide; Comparison among the APA, MLA and CMS Styles

18. An Analysis of Citations used in Ph.D. Theses of University of Delhi: Trend of common errors

Diksha Kukreja

Introduction; Literature Review; Objectives; Significance of the Study; Method; Results, Discussions and Analysis; Suggestions and Recommendations; Limitations of the Study; Scope for Further Research


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