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Year: 2018


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About the Book

Beginning with the concept and principles of growth and development, the book provides a detailed account of various theories of growth and development. While providing a useful discussion on the various aspects of children's growth and development like physical, motor, emotional and social development, the book emphasizes on the role of socialization agencies like family, peers and school relationships It addresses a number of childhood issues and concerns like separation or loss of parents, child obesity, child abuse, protection of child rights, gender equity and equality; and also inclusion of differently abled, street children and marginalized ones. The book may be found useful by students, researchers and all the stakeholders in the subject.

About Author

Prof. S.K. Mangal (Ph.D. Education), former Principal, and Head of the Department of Postgraduate Studies, C.R. College of Education, Rohtak, Haryana, is a distinguished teacher, researcher and administrator who has devised several psychological tools including the Emotional Intelligence Inventory.

Professor Mangal is a prolific writer and has number of outstanding books in Education to his credit. His books are very popular among students and researchers. He has also published extensively in reputed journals.


Prof. Shubhra Mangal (Ph.D. Education) is the Principal, and Head of the Department of Postgraduate Studies, C.R.S. College of Education, Noida.

She has devised an Emotional Intelligence Inventory for the measurement of Emotional Intelligence of School Teachers. She has written a number of books in the field of Education, Psychology and Teacher Education. The areas of her research interest are Emotional Intelligence and Teacher Education.



1.     Growth and Development: Concept and Principles


The Concept of Growth and Development

–   Growth and Development — Meaning and Distinction

–   Distinguishing Growth and Development from the Term Maturation

–   Various Aspects or Dimensions of Growth and Development

General Principles of Growth and Development

Educational Implications of the Principles of Growth and Development

2.     Stages of Growth and Development

Meaning of Stages of Growth and Development

Stage of Infancy

Stage of Childhood

Stage of Adolescence

3.     Theories of Growth and Development


Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

Erickson’s Theory of Psycho-social Development

Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

Freud’s Theory of Psycho-sexual Development

4.     Physical and Motor Development

Children’s Physical Development

Children’s Motor Development

Role Parents and Teachers in Providing Opportunities of Physical-Motor Development

5.     Emotional Development


What are Emotions?

Kinds of Emotions

Emotional Development During Different Stages of Development

Factors Influencing Emotional Development

What can the teachers do in bringing Balanced Emotional Development of Children?

6.     Social Development

What is Social Development?

Social Development during Different Stages of Development

Factors Affecting Social Development

The Place of Gender Roles in One’s Social Development

7.     Childhood in the Context of Poverty, Globalization and Adult


What is Childhood?

Childhood in the Context of Poverty

Childhood in the Context of Globalization

Childhood in the Context of Adult Culture

Similarities and Diversities within the Stage of Childhood

8.     Socialisation — Concept and Agencies

What is Socialization?

Agencies of Socialisation — Meaning and Types

Role of Different Agencies in Child Development

–   Role of Family

–   Role of Peers in Child Development

–   Role of School in Child Development

Social, Economic and Cultural Differences in Socialization and its
Implication for Inclusion

9.     Counselling of Children in Specific Stressful Conditions


Separation of Parents

Loss of Parents in Armed Conflicts etc.

Survivors of Child Abuse

10.  Protection of Child Rights


Role and Contribution of UNICEF

Role and Contribution of WHO

Role and Contribution of National Commission for Protection of
Child Right

Role and Contribution of National Human Rights Commission

Role and Contribution of Child Helplines

Role and Contribution of NGOs

11.  Child Obesity — Causes and Remedies

What is Obesity?

Identification and Diagnosis of Obesity among Children

Ill Effects of Obesity

Causes related to Obesity

Prevention and Treatment of Obesity

12.  Equity Issues and Inclusion

The Concept of Equity and Equality in Education

Equity and Inclusion of Diverse Children  (Differently abled, Street
children and Other Marginalized Groups)

Schemes and Programs of GOI for Gender Equity and Equality in Education

References and Suggested Readings

Review Questions


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