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About the Book

The edited volume is one of the pioneering publications on land titling. Land symbolises wealth, social identity and status, and power. Land title is a security; however, at present it is a ‘presumptive title’.With increasing land acquisition and improper land titling, the major issues faced by the administration are  land grabbing, corruption, dispute and other land related conflicts.So it is a matter of high importance for the state as well as the society and citizens of India.

Some unfinished agenda of Indian state, such as redistribution land, survey & settlement of forest lands, Government lands, use of wastelands, etc. also demand conclusive land titling. How do we move forward towards ‘conclusive titling’ from ‘presumptive title’ is a central query of this Volume. Neo-liberal state introduced National Land Record Modernisation Programme (NLRMP) in 2008, which incorporates a component of guaranteeing conclusive land titling. Implementation, outcome and impact of NLRMP are varied across different States of India, which has intensified debate on land titling. Various options are available and need to be debated in the context of conclusive land titling, such as whether enacting a law, expediting implementation of NLRMP, adopting Torrens System and suitable modern technology for Survey/Resurvey, Registration, citizen-centric services, integration between different components, etc. This book covers all possible policy and political issues regarding land titling so that the ‘journey towards land titling’ is smoothened and strengthened.

About Author

Dr VarshaGanguly, Former Professor at Centre for Rural Studies, Lal Bahadur Shastri national Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. Her work as researcher, teacher and a trained communicator is largely on development and social issues. Her published works include 14 books, several research articles in national and international academic journals and in Gujarati magazines. These published works have explored less trodden paths on situation of the marginalised communities in India. She worked as editor of academic journals–Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (2008 and 2011) and she was managing editor of international journal–Journal of Land and Rural Studies. While working with change agents, rights and social justice, people’s movements, land question, process of marginalisation, policy framing and change, and Gujarat are the major areas of her interests.


Snehasis Mishra is currently Technical Consultant, Centre for Rural Studies, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. He has written research papers and co-authored state-report on Land Records practices and implementation of NLRMP. He has co-edited a bookentitles Conclusive Land Titling (2015). He has participated and organised seminars on land records and land titling related issues. His areas of interests cover e-governance, land records management, watershed management.




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  1.  Introduction: Journey Towards Land Titling in India  1

Varsha Ganguly and Snehasis Mishra

  2.  Critique of The Land Titling Bill, 2011: Bihar Experience

C. Ashokvardhan

  3.  Some Implications of The Land Titling Bill, 2011 for Common Lands, Forest Lands and Marginalised Sections 

S. Gopalkrishnan

  4.  Towards Conclusive Land Title in India: A Critique

Pradeep Nayak

  5.  Adapting the Torrens Conclusive Titling System in India: Debatable Issues and Way Forward 

Rita Sinha

  6.  Leveraging Land Titling for Economic Empowerment

Charanjit Singh

  7.  Principles and Practices of Land Titling: Kerala Experience

Sajith Babu

  8.  Achieving Prompt Affordable Suitable Quality Land Records System: West Bengal Experience 

P. K. Pramanik

  9.  Land Titling Question in India: Behavioural Economics Perspective

Naseer Mohamed Jaffer

10.  National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP): Role of Modern Technology and Survey of India

U.N. Mishra and Virendra Dutt

11.  Policy Recommendations on Draft Land Titling Bill, 2011 

12.  Country Experiences on Land Titling: A Compilation

Snehasis Mishra




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