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Year : 2014

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About the Book

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, the five Central Asian republics in India’s extended neighbourhood, have achieved significant political, economic and cultural development since their independence in early 1990s.

Rich historical past, availability of huge energy resources, more than two decades of relative peace, gradual opening of economies and centrality of the region in inter and intra-continental transportation and communication links have made Central Asia an area of great interest for scholars, businesses, travellers as well as regional and extra-regional countries.

In the changing regional and international dynamics, India is increasingly seen by Central Asian countries as a friend and partner in economic development, primarily due to the historical linkages between the two and immense soft power enjoyed by India among the people in the region.

The complementarities of South Asia and Central Asia necessitate deeper engagements between the countries of the two fast developing regions. On the other hand, the situation in Afghanistan, in view of the drawdown of international forces, requires greater convergence among regional neighbours to stabilize the country economically and politically.  

About Author

Ambassador Rajiv K. Bhatia is the Director General of Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), New Delhi, since June 2012. As a career diplomat, he served India with distinction for over thirty-seven years. He was India’s Ambassador/High Commissioner in Kenya, Myanmar, Mexico and South Africa. He has published over 125 articles on international affairs in India’s national dailies, journals and periodicals


Professor Meruyert Khuatovna Abusseitova has been the Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Almaty, Kazakhstan, for more than 15 years. Currently, she is Head of the Department of Oriental Sources Studies, History and Culture; and Chairperson of UNESCO Chair “Science and Spirituality”. She has authored 10 books and more than 200 articles.

Dr. Laura Gibratovna Yerekesheva is Deputy Director and Head Department of Central and South Asian Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies, Almaty, Kazakhstan. She is also UNESCO Chair Coordinator, Kazakhstan. Dr. Laura Yerekesheva is author and co-editor of three books and more than 60 research articles.


Dr. Athar Zafar is Research Fellow at Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi. He has contributed chapters to books and presented papers on Central Asia and Afghanistan at national and international seminars. He has visited the region several times and his knowledge of Persian and Tajiki helps in firsthand access to the original sources from the region. 


  • Foreword
  • List of Contributors
  • Message
  • Reflections
  • Perspective
  • Ambassador’s Note
  • Remarks
  • A View from the Desk
  • Introduction

Part I

India-Central Asia and the Regional and International Developments

1.     India-Central Asia and International Milieu: Prospects forEconomic Engagement/ Hari Vasudevan

2.     Transport Corridors from South Asia to Central Asia:Post-2014 Scenario/ Sultan Akimbekov

3.     India’s Geopolitical Interests in Central Asia and Economic Diplomacy/ Mavlanov Ibragim

4.     India’s New Policy Thrust in Central Asia/ Paramjit S Sahai

5.     Globalization: Central Asia and Economic Security/ Aksana Panzabekova

6.     India and SCO: Current State of Cooperation and Development Prospects/ Marufjon Abdurahmonov

7.     Energy Security in the Caspian Central Asian Region/ Leila Muzaparova

Part II

India-Central Asia: Enhancing Cooperation

8.     Indian and Central Asian Perspectives on Regional Security/ Nirmala Joshi

9.     India’s Economic Interests in Central Asia and Kazakhstan/ Kuldip Singh

10.  India-Central Asia Energy Partnership: Trends and Future Outlook/ Ajay Patnaik

11.  India and Central Asia: Trade Prospects/ Pradeep Agrawal and Seema Sangita

12.  India-Central Asia: Connectivity Issues/ R.S. Yadav

13.  Commercial and Economic Linkages between Central Asia and India: Perspective From Kazakhstan/ Gulnara Bekmagambetova

14.  Central Asian Countries and Trans-boundary River Basins:Energy Security and Water Resources Management/ Tulegen Sarsembekov

15.  Regional Interactions: South Asia and Central Asia/ 

Yelena I. Rudenko

Part III

India-Central Asia: Bilateral Relations

16.  Trade Potentials Between India and Kazakhstan: An Overview/ Vijay Laxmi and Gurinder Kaur

17.  Technological Development of Kazakhstan: Drawing Lessons from India/ Farhad Dnishev

18.Transportation Linkages between Kazakhstan and India/ Dudar Zhakenov

19.  India-Kazakhstan: Socio-Economic Engagements/ Punit Gaur

20.  Kazakhstan-India Cooperation: Regional Transport and Logistics System Security/ Rafik Tairov

21.  Cultural Relations between Tajikistan and India/ Habibullo Rajabov

22.  Configuring India in Kazakhstan’s Foreign Policy/ Kuralay Baizakova

23.  Education in India and Central Asia: Building Bridges/ Cholpon Turdalieva and Aizhamal Marat

Part IV

Papers in Russian Language

24. К вопросу об открытии транспортных коридоров из 
Южной в Центральную Азию после 2014 года/ Султан Акимбеков                                                                                                                                                   

25.  Трансформация геополитических интересов Индии в
Центральной Азии в экономическую дипломатию/ Ибрагим Мавланов                                                                                   

26.  Сотрудничество Индии и ШОС: состояние и перспективы
развития/ Маруфджон Абдурахмонов                                                                   

27.  Транспортное обеспечение торгово-экономических связей
стран Центральной Азии и Индии: взгляд из Казахстана/ Гульнара Бекмагамбетова

28.  Перспективы казахстанско-индийского сотрудничества в
 сфере развития и обеспечения безопасности транспортно-логистической системы региона/ Рафик Таиров

29.  Перспективные направления сотрудничества Казахстана и
 Индии в контексте совершенствования глобальной финансовой архитектуры/ Владимир Додонов

30.  Приоритеты экономического сотрудничества Индии с
 государствами Центральной Азии/ Алишер Расулев

31.  Нефтегазовый комплекс Прикаспийского региона:
проблемы межстранового экономического взаимодействия/ Олег Егоров

32.  Эволюция роли Индии во внешней политике Казахстана/ Куралай Байзакова

33. Сравнительная оценка уровня конкурентоспособности
туристской сферы Казахстана и Индии/ Галымжан Дуйсен

34.  Технологическое развитие Казахстана в контексте опыта
Индии/ Фархад Днишев

35.  Вопросы транспортных коммуникаций между Казахстаном
и Индией/ Дудар Жакенов


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