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Year : 2014

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About the Book

This book is an attempt to respect and care about one's basic needs contributing to healthy body and mind. Learning about reproductive and sexual health is a lifelong process and a fundamental part of every person's socialization. But parents, teachers and other socializing agents are often unprepared or unwilling to provide information on reproductive health to adolescents, and to discuss sex-related matters with them. In this context, it is imperative that adolescents should have access to accurate, accessible and age-appropriate information and education about their reproductive health. It is widely accepted that the adolescents physical, cognitive, and emotional development occurs within social institutions, including family, friends, and school. Therefore, understanding the nature of development necessitates understanding the social contexts in which it occurs. For adolescents, families, peers, and schools constitute the most important cultural contexts in which development unfolds. Reproductive health education requires the teachers and parents' participation so that they could help adolescents build more relevant ones. Thus the present publication aims at looking for the representations of adolescents', teachers' and parents' in providing reproductive health education.

About Author

Dr. Manju Goel is an Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Aditi Mahavidyalaya, University of Delhi. She has published several articles in journal of repute and prepared many study modules for M.A. Social Work for Indira Gandhi National Open University and Utkal University. She is associated with Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria: Round-7. She is also connected with many non-governmental organizations as a resource person and training the grass root level workers on Life Skills Education.





Reproductive Health Status of Adolescents in India; Theoretical Perspectives; Adolescence Teachable Moments; Scientific Background; Rationale of the Study; Relevance to Social Work Practice; Objectives; Methodology; Field Work: Process; Processing, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Reproductive Health Education for Adolescents: An Appraisal

The Scope; Knowledge and Perception of Adolescents regarding Reproductive Health Issues; Age at Marriage; Adolescent Pregnancy and its Consequences; Substance Abuse; Overview of Literature Appraised;

National Policies and Programmes: A Brief Analysis

National Policies related to Reproductive Health of the Adolescents; National Programmes related to Reproductive Health of the Adolescents; Prerana; Conclusion

Adolescents, Parents, and Teachers—Profiles

Demographic Characteristics of Adolescents in India; Adolescent Students; Parents; Teachers; Conclusion

Knowledge and Perception of Adolescents on ReproductiveHealth Issues

Process of Growing Up; Process of Growing up in Boys; Process of Growing up in Girls; Knowledge and Perception on Pregnancy; Knowledge and Perception on Abortion; Knowledge and Perception on Contraceptives; Sexual Behaviour; Sexual abuse/Harassment; Knowledge and Perception about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs); Knowledge and Perception about HIV/AIDS; Substance Abuse: Myths and Misconception related to Substance Abuse; Conclusion

Need of Imparting Reproductive Health Education: Opinion

Reproductive Health Needs of the Adolescents; School’s Responsibility for Holistic Growth and Development; Necessity to Impart Reproductive Health Education; An Appropriate Class from which Reproductive Health Education Should be Started; Reproductive Health Issues to be Included in Reproductive Health Education; Appropriate Methods for Discussing Reproductive Health Issues; Appropriate Source of Information; Reaction, when Adolescents ask Information; Need to Make Parents and Teachers Aware of their Role; Concluding Remarks by Parents and Teachers; Conclusion

Way Forward

Social Work Interventions


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