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Year : 2014

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About the Book

Amidst of rapid technological development in every walk of life, including the sphere of Education, the essence of 'Education for Sustainable Development' in Indian context is yet to be defined. However, many dimensions of thoughts are quite prominent, which centers round the concept of 'Education' and 'Sustainable Development'. The present volume is an attempt to encompass the essence of Education in one hand, and Sustainable Development on other, within a common frame. It is expected the combined thinking on 'Education and sustainable development' will stimulate the thinking of contemporary academics and will extend a vista of new 'area of interest'.

About Author

Prof. Rajarshi Roy is actively associated with Educational and Policy research for the development of the oppressed. His specific contribution is in the arena of Ethno-pedagogy, Environmental Education and socio-educational studies for the life-improvement of the population at crisis, apart from Pedagogy of Engineering Education and Indigenous Technology. Dr. Roy possesses to his credit more than hundred publications of international and national repute. Presently he is Professor of Education in Vinaya-Bhavana (Faculty of Education), Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan.


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1.  An Ecosystemic Approach to Improve Educational Systems

Alberto Arenas

2.  Science, Technology and Teaching: Sensitivity forSustainability and Non-Violation

Jayanti Basu

3.  The Changing Face of Human Resource Management inEducation for the Sustainable Development in the Era of Globalisation

Yazali Josephine

4.  Education for Sustainable Development: An ApproachTowards Future World

Sanat K. Ghosh

5.  Education System in Pakistan and Sustainable HumanResource Development

Hafeez-Ur-Rehmanchaudhry, M. Saifullah Chaudhry andMd. Amjad Kavesh

6.  Sustainable Education and the Global Politics

Dharmarakshit Gautam

7.  Rethinking Sustainable Development: Inclusion of Social Dimensions to Sustainability

Sreekala Edannur

8.  Science Education and Sustainable Development

M.N. Bapat

9.  Education and Sustainable Development: An Exploration ofthe Linkages

Saumen Chattopadhyay and Emon Nandi

10.  Developing Sustainable Consciousness: Problem of Teacher Education

Debdulal Dutta Roy

11.  Strategies in Higher Education for Sustainable Development:Some Approaches

Sima Pal


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