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First Published in 2009, x+238pp

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About the Book

The book elaborates how administration of school education has transformed into management and development administration. While discussing the present status of organizational structure and administrative hierarchies, it provides a critical analysis of legal basis of education in school education. The book delineates the need of school-based supervision and described how successful is the role of local bodies so far in the country as well as how the system of personnel management is changing specifically in the perspective of development programmes. The book finally provides a critical review of the governance of school education in India.

This publication will be a valuable reference material for researchers, educationists, educational planners and administrators as well as research scholars and students of Education of Universities, SCERTs, DIETs, and heads of secondary and senior secondary schools as well as those who are interested in the development of education.

About Author

Dr. Rajvir Singh Tyagi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Administration, NUEPA, New Delhi. He specializes in organizational and management issues of educational administration, contributed twelve published studies on educational administration on different states besides co-editor of the book entitled Governance of School Education in India. He has to his credit number of empirical research studies. Dr Tyagi organizes Management Development Programmes in Leadership in Educational Administration, Institutional Planning and Management and School-based Supervision and Professional Development of Teachers. He has published several research papers in reputed national and international Journals.



List of Tables and Figures Abbreviations

1 Organization and Administration

Administration and Management/ 1; Role of Educational Administration/ 2; State Control on Education/ 4; Federal System of Governance/ 4; Educational Administration in India/ 6; Educational Administration at Central Level/ 7; Establishments of Education Departments in Different States/ 8; Present Status of Educational Administration at the State Level/ 8; Structure at Directorate Level/ 13; Field-level Set-up/ 14; Education System and Its Impact on Administration/ 17; Role and Functions of District Education Officer/ 19

2 Development Administration and Structural Changes
Introduction/ 29; Decentralization and Development Administration/ 30; Management Strategies under Development Administration/ 32; Management Strategies under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)/ 36; Practices of Development Administration/ 42; Madhya Pradesh/ 42; Administrative Structure under Mission Mode/ 46; Major Issues/ 47; Rajasthan/ 52; Karnataka/ 53; Uttarakhand/ 54

3. Legal Management of Education

Constitutional Provisions/ 57; Role of the Central Government/ 59; Types of Laws/ 60; Present Status/ 62; Some Important Acts/ 64; Nature and Coverage of Legislation in some States/ 69; Maharashtra/ 69; Uttar Pradesh/ 69; Bihar/ 70; Tamil Nadu/ 70; Orissa/ 71

4. School-based Instructional Supervision

Introduction/ 76; Changing Trends from System-based to School-based Supervision/ 77; Supervision for Improvement/ 78; Role of Supervisor/ 79; Supervision in Some Other Countries/ 79; Britain/79; Northern Ireland/ 81; New Zealand/ 83; Philippines/ 84; Nigeria/ 85; Inspection and Supervision in India/ 86; Concept of School-based Supervision/ 89; Role of Supervision and Indicators of School Effectiveness/ 90; Role of a Principal and Reflection/ 95; Findings of a Study/ 98

5. Role of Local Bodies

Historical Developments/ 111; Recent Efforts/ 112; Findings of Research Studies/ 124; Experiences of Different States/ 128; Guiding Principles of Panchayati Raj/ 130; Administration of Elementary Education under Panchayati Raj Department in Rajasthan/ 138; District Level Set-up of Educational Administration in Rajasthan under Panchayati Raj/ 139; Functioning of Village Education Committees and Panchayati Raj Insititutions/ 140

6. Personnel Management-A Changing Scenario

Practices of Personnel Management/ 145; Study of Madhya Pradesh/ 145; Posting and Transfers/ 149; Problems of Transfers- inferences from studies/ 151;A Study of Uttarakhand/ 153; Promotion of Teachers/ 158; Ethics in Governance/ 159; Development and Professional Competence of Para Teachers/ 160

7. Towards a Good Governance of School Education

Introduction/ 162; Major Thrust of Governance of School Education/ 164; Critical Analysis of the Present System of Educational Governance/ 165; Policy Issues/ 165; Academic Issues/ 166; Administrative Issues/ 167; Issues in Decentralization/ 170; Reforms in Educational Governance/ 171; Policy Support and Academic Management/ 171; Efforts for Quality Improvement/ 173; Strengthening Organization and Administration/ 174; Strengthening Legal Basis/ 175; District Planning for Secondary Education/ 176; Professionalization of Administration/ 176; Strengthening the System of Personnel Management/ 177

Management of Education (Programme of Action, 1992)

Annexure II
The Constitution (Seventy-third Amendment) Act, 1992

Annexure III
Eleventh Schedule

Madhya Pradesh Act No. 15 of 2002, The Madhya Pradesh Jan Shiksha Adhiniyam 2002

Annexure V
Constitution Provisions References 229 Index 233


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