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Year : 2009

Bibliography : xvi+302 pp

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About the Book

The volume, a collection of articles contributed by scholars from Russia and India, explores various perspectives about Russia's role in Asia. It attempts to integrate views about the Eurasian region and to examine a range of opinions about Siberia as a new field of study within Eurasia. The policy makers and scholars having interest in the region may find the book useful.

About Author

Suchandana Chatterjee, Fellow, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

Anita Sengupta, Fellow, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

Susmita Bhattacharya, Fellow, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata


H. S. Vasudevan

1. An Identity for Siberia-Madhavan K. Palat
2. Conceptualizing Eurasian Geopolitics: Debates and Discourses on the 'Heartland'-Anita Sengupta
3. The Integration of Asiatic Russia: The Historical Experience and Today's Problems-
V. V. Alekseev
4. Northern Asia and North America in Terms of Colonial Administration (XVII-XVIII c. )-Denis Anan'ev
5. Siberia as a Part of the Russian Empire: Economic Development State Interest and
Private Capital- A. K. Kirillov
6. Siberian Regionalists on the Place of the Region in Civilisational Development of Eurasia-M. V. Shilovskii
7. Siberian Studies: Re-examining a Distant Domain-Suchandana Chatterjee
8. Islam in Siberia: Historical and Anthropological Aspects-St├ęphane A. Dudoignon
9. Rasputin's The Fire and Perestroika- Rashmi Doraiswamy
10. The Siberian Republic of Tuva: Linkages with Mongolia- Sharad K. Soni
11. Buryatia and Russia: Interaction and Linkages-K. Warikoo
12. Siberia: India's New Cultural Imperatives- P. Stobdan
13. Siberia as Integral Part of Russia in the Era of Globalisation-Felix N. Yurlov
14. Imagining a Russia Minus Siberia: Issues and Implications-P. L. Dash
15. Russia's Policy Towards the Asia-Pacific Region in the Post-Cold War Era-Sreemati Ganguli
16. Asiatic Vector of Soviet Economic Policy- E. T. Artemov
17. The Asian Part of Russia: New Step of Industrial Development-V. Yu. Malov
18. Transborder Character of Transport Communications-V. A. Lamin
19. International Transport Corridors of Eurasia: Socio-Economic and Geopolitical Dimension-M. N. Baldano
20. Siberia: The Emerging Energy Frontier-Sudha Mahalingam
21. Harnessing Siberia's Power of Natural Resources-Jatinder Khanna
22. Siberia: Scenarios of Colonisation and the Demographic Landscape-N. N. Ablazhei E. G. Vodichev
23. Chinese Migrants and Migrantophobia in Contemporary Russia: Stereotypes and Mechanisms of Their Formation-Viktor. I. Dyatlov
24. The Transborder Regions of Siberia and East Asia: The Problems of Regional Paradiplomacy -Boris V. Bazarov
25. Strategic Significance of Siberia for Russia -Ajay Patnaik
26. Russia and the Changing Geopolitics of Central Asia: Situating the Kyrgyz Republic-Ruby Roy

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