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Year : 2006

Bibliography : 200pp

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About the Book

The book aims at fulfilling the long felt need of translating Telugu poetry into English, covering all the important trends that Telugu poetry witnessed during the last century. Poets in Andhra region have always marched along with the times and have written on issues relating to human behaviour and survival. This collection makes a modest effort to bring the talent of the poets of this region to the national mainstream.
The human concerns and questions that challenged our troubled world in this era of globalization was very much the concern of the poets writing today. Aimed at providing a useful reference tool for researchers, it is also hoped that this will provide the necessary basis for the comparative study of literatures produced in India.
Poetry in India has a loyal readership thogh not a wide one. This book, the originals published in Telugu under the title Chaitanya Dehali by NBT (2002), is a tribute to the lovers of poetry who kept up their interest, thereby keeping this genre alive for posterity, against all odds.

About Author

Dr. Syamala Kallury teaches English at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. A bilingual writer and translator, she won Katha Award for translation in 1988 and the prestigious Jyeshtha Literary Award for Translation in 2001.
Her writings include Symbolism in the Poetry of Sri Aurobindo,(1988) Bhava Vihangalu, a translation of Tagore's Stray Birds (1988), a Telugu poetry collection Chaitanya Dehali (2002)and Telugu Short Stories: Women's Writing: An Inner Voyage (1930-2000).Swagathalu, her poetry anthology in Telugu is currently under publication.


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