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First Published in India in 2003, 196 pp

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About the Book

In the demanding and degenerating world, many adolescents do not find easy to cope with curriculum, physical and emotional upheavals and life in general. The life sometime looks meaningless and one starts searching world, which is away from harsh realities of life. Spiritualism has been an integral part of Indian Society but indiscriminately imitating life styles of others, the youngsters are stripped of their spiritual strength, resulting into degradation of moral and human values. Shooting Galleries in developed countries are an indicator of helplessness of the authorities to effectively implement laws to combat illicit drug trafficking.
This study is an endeavour to look into the problems of drug addiction among school pupils in India with special reference to Delhi, Haryana and Chandigarh. It gives an overview of drug menace at International and National level.
The evil is spreading on an alarming scale in India. Parents can no longer sit back in the soothing comfort of being free from worrying about their wards getting hooked on drugs. The book focuses on role of community, teacher, school administration and preventive educational strategies in the school system. The book may be found useful for all that are concerned with the problem.

About Author

Prof. Rajinder M Kalra got his Doctorate in Education and Masters in Education (Curriculum Consultant, Secondary) and Masters in Chemistry form U.S.A. & Canada. He has written several books, papers, and articles and won international recognition for his outstanding contributions in educational experimentation and innovations. He has been actively involved in Commonwealth, UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF and World Bank assisted Projects.


Contents: Introduction: Drug Abuse -An International Scenario & Indian Perspective
Review of Literature,
Objectives and Methodology used in the study,
Data analysis
Discussion and interpretation of the data,
Suggested educational strategies for the prevention of drug abuse among pupils:
Psychic Drugs, Alcohol and you, Value clarification in the context of Drug Addiction,
Role of Teacherss, Parents and community Participation in the Drug Abuse Prevention among School Pupils

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