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Year : 2005

Bibliography : 148 pp

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The mid-year Review of the Indian economy for the current year gives a holistic picture of the Indian economy, its prospects in 2004-2005 and the international trends that influence it.

In ascertaining the outlook for economic growth, explicit cognizance is taken of the fast growing and more stable trajectory of growth of the non-agricultural sector, quite separately and distinct from what happens to agriculture. A stronger performance in manufacturing and other industrial sectors is predicted as well as a continuation of the expanding trends in other parts of the services sector. Estimated GDP growth is placed at 6.3 per cent.

The focus, however, is more on the important role of management of economic policy. The present government is seen as facing a most favourable political situation for successfully implementing its programme for economic reform, as the challenges from the traditional opposition are weak.

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About Author

Saumitra Chaudhuri studied economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University and worked for several years in various departments of government that were entrusted with setting prices, tariffs and issuing industrial licences; to that extent has had first hand experience of the control system prevalent in the eighties. He worked with State Bank of India and Steel Authority in a period that the system began its early forays into taking cognisance of market signals and started entertaining the idea of competition. For more than a decade he has been Economic Advisor with ICRA Ltd. a full service credit rating agency, an assignment which has been enriching in terms of gaining an understanding of both corporate and public finance, and of their dynamics. He is the Executive Editor of ICRA's quarterly publication, Money & Finance, and writes extensively in the print media.



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The Global Context: Economic Growth, Monetary Conditions, Politics and Petroleum Prices 1

The Indian Economy: Prospects for Accelerating Growth, Savings, Investment, Inflation and External Payments Front

Performance of Different Sectors: Agriculture, Industry, Inflation and Commodity Composition of Trade and its Direction

Finances: Government Finances, Money, Credit and Capital Markets

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