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Year : 2008

Bibliography : 176 pp (3rd. Ed.)

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About the Book

Adolescents are the future nation builders and inculcating healthy life style among these youngsters is very timely. The book attempts to provide a holistic approach about Sex Education based on cultural heritage. It deals with the theoretical as well as practical aspects on the subject and focuses on sex education at secondary level, cultural heritage and sexual behaviour, values, curriculum development & evaluation, teaching-learning strategies, rural schools, guidelines for teachers etc. The alarming statistics regarding AIDS/HIV make it imperative for introduction of healthy life style education in school curriculum. Having made an exhaustive review of the role of sex education in various Western countries, authors in this book have emphasised fostering of Healthy Life Style among students for prevention of AIDS not only in India but also in Asia.

About Author

Prof. Rajinder Mohan Kalra is Emeritus Professor, International Institute of Adult and Life Long Education (India) and former Dean (Academic), Professor and Head, Department of Measurement and Evaluation, National Institute of Education (NCERT). He has been advisor/ consultant/Project Director in International Educational Organizations (UN/World Bank). He has authored numerous books with a foreword from Rev. Mother Teresa and His Holiness Dalai Lama.
Dr. Rakesh K. Mehta (MD; FRCPC; FACP) is chief Haematology/ Oncology, VA Hudson Valley Hospital New York. He is also faculty member of New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York. He is an internationally respected member of medical fraternity and is interested in health education of adolescents in India.
Mrs. S. Kalra is co-author of a book entitled AIDS and Adolescents - A New Generation at Risk. She has worked with disadvantaged sections of the society and has several years of experience working with students having intellectual and emotional problems.


Acknowledgements, Preface,

Introduction - Healthy Life Style - What Is It?

Sex Education in Schools - An International Perspective -What Asia Can Learn From Europe And Western Hemisphere? Sex Education in Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Asia and Adolescents, Sex and tradition, Conclusion.

Cultural Heritage And Sexual Behaviour
Abstinence from sexual Indulgence, Mahatma Gandhi and Sexual Abstinence, Sex sublimating to sprituality, Some common beliefs regarding semen, Modern culture & Sexual abstinence, Status of Pre-marital sex among adolescents in India, Other sexual behaviour patterns in India, Male & Female he created them, Chestity, Offences against chastity, Chastity and Homosexuality Chastity, Teenage Sex: Yes or No, Real Love, Safe Sex, How safe are Contraceptives? Purification of the Heart, Contents and Strategies of Sex Education

Adolescents and AIDS
Basic Information about AIDS, Measuring the number of CD, HIV Infection and Illnesses, A Few Pointers, Females are more AIDS Prone, Preventing AIDS through Love/Sex as a Human Value,

Inculcation of Human Values amongst Student
Values in the School System, Character Formation and Assessment of Values, Does it have to be either Choice? How does one accomplish this task? Real Love, Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Healthy Life Style Education, Curriculum: What is it? Organisation of a Sex Education Programme, Practical Strategies for Developing a Unit, Evaluation, Evaluation in Sex Education,

Teaching-Learning Strategies I":Discussion Method Values Continuum, Lecture Method, Brain Storming, Discovery /Enquiry Method , Fill-up the Blank Statements, Expert's Advice Column, Audio-Visual Aids Method, Specialist Speaker, Project Method - Case-Study, Role Playing, Question Cards, Popular Songs, Poems (Music),

Teaching Healthy Life Style
Sexual Health - What is it? Sexual Health in Schools. Physical/Emotional Changes in Adolescence . Talking About Healthy Life Style in Indian Schools, Correlation of Sexual Learning with School Subjects . Basic Information about STDs,

Integrated Approach to Healthy Life Style
Education Instructions, Correlation with School Subjects Sex education and Teaching of Hindi sex Education and Social Sciences,

Awareness and Involvement of Community (Introducing Healthy Life Style Education in Rural Schools)
Role of Community Power Structure Strategies for Change, Local Advisory Committee(LAC), Advantages of LAC, Purpose of LACs, Types of LACs, Organization of LACs, Selection of the LAC Members, Committee's Membership, Qualifications for LAC Members, Selection of Officials, Suggestions, Conclusion,

Meaningful Healthy Life Style Education to the Adolescents: Guidelines for Teachers
Compatible Relationships with Students, Teacher as a Guide, Some Practical Strategies, Sex Education - Responsibility of each and every School Teacher, Integrated Approach to Teaching and Learning Situation in Sex Education, Conclusion ,


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