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Year : 2004

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xvi + 286 pp

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About the Book

I am' and 'I can', but I wish that you also wish that you want to walk with me on the soft and hard terrain of life and recognize that 'I am 'and 'I can'.

Female, half of the world's population, is a neglected lot. It is the nations' misfortune that they are deprived of the benefits of the talents of half of their populations. In India, more than in most other places, women are perceived as 'second sex', dependent on men. It is a tragedy that not only men, but most of the women themselves hold the same view, not necessarily because they are indeed dependent on men but because they are taught to think so. How is the change in the mindsets that is required to be brought about?

Even after decades of efforts at the national and international levels to make women join the mainstream of development, the situation has not improved to the desired extent. Why? What additional interventions are required and what corrections are needed in the on-going strategies? The book examines some of these issues. It also provides in detail the results of a study conducted on women establishing that when given an opportunity, women can excel assuming leadership and managerial functions. It peeps into depths of the problem and calls for a change in the social orientations process of men and women.

The book argues that women should come forward to help themselves instead of waiting Micawber-like for someone to turn up to do that for which facilitation in their personality development is a pre-requisite.

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About Author

Dr. Rashmi Agrawal (b. 1956) is a Ph D. in Psychology from Lucknow University. After holding various positions in the Ministry of Labour, Government of India, her present assignment is as Chief and Head of the Gender and Child Studies Unit in the Institute of Applied Manpower Research, New Delhi. Deeply interested in social issues, Dr. Agrawal has done research work independently in addition to her official assignments and authored two books-Drug Abuse and Street Children (Shipra). She has also published/presented a number of technical papers on diverse subjects.

B V L N Rao, (b.1937), retired from Indian Statistical Service in 1995. Having done his Master's degree in Mathematics from Andhra University, he completed a three-year Advanced Statistician's Course from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. He served in the Ministry of Labour, Government of India in various capacities, Central Institute for Research and Training in Employment Service as Director, Planning Commission as Deputy Advisor. He also worked with the International Labour Office. After retirement from the Government of India, Rao has been a consultant to National Council of Applied Economic Research, V.V.Giri National Labour Institute and has been associated with a number of other organizations in various projects. He has presented /published a number of papers on subjects like child labour, street children, labour laws, employment of women.
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I Profess...
Towards Empowerment of Women
Empowerment Programmes
Women in India
Social Orientation and Sex Segregation of Employment
Women in Decision Making
Towards Empowerment
Annexure: Women's Access to the Right to Vote and to Stand for Elections: World Chrology; Women in Parliament 1945-1995; Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women; National Policy for the Empowerment of Women(2001)

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