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xii + 236 pp, 4th Revised Edition Reprint

ISBN: 9789388691017(HB)

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ISBN: 9788175413320(PB)

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About the Book

The book provides a meaningful survey of the development of education in India since 1800, with a focus on post independence period. It presents details of the strenuous efforts made to restructure the educational system so as to meet the aspirations and needs of the people of India. The picture, undoubtedly, is of both light and shade of some outstanding achievements as well as dismal failures. The publication draws its material from more than one hundred reports of the Committees and commissions and other educational documents. Comparative data on the development of education of a number of countries is incorporated so as to enable the reader to comprehend educational problems in a global perspective. The book responds to the needs of a wide range of potential readers. It can be used as a library volume to be consulted periodically by those seeking up to date and authentic information on various dimensions of Indian education.

About Author

J C Aggarwal, a former Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of Textbooks, Delhi Administration has written extensively on Education, History and contemporary affairs. Before Joining Delhi Administration, he taught in a Postgraduate Teacher Training College. His recent publications are: Educational Reforms in India – for the 21st Century; Landmarks in the History of Modern Indian Education; Essentials of Educational Technology.


An Overview of Development of Education in India . Pre- Primary/ Nursery Education.Primary/Elementary Education. Universalisation of Elementary Education. New Initiatives in Universalisation of Elementary Education. Wastage and Stagnation, Neighbourhood School, Recent Developments and Administration of Primary Education. Basic Education or Nai Talim or Wardha Scheme of Education. Secondary Education. Secondary Education and Its Relevance to Our Needs.Vocationalisation of Education at the Secondary Level. Higher Education : Committees and Commissions. Higher Education : Aims, Admissions, Student Unrest, Major Universities Governance. Adult Education. National Integration. Religious and Moral Education. Women’s Education. Social Service in Education. Diverse Issues.Organisational Set-up at Various Levels of Education. Survey of Education Commissions ,Committees and Other Documents Since Independence. Graphs and Figures.

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