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Year: 2003

Bibliography: 123 pp

ISBN: 8175411430

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About the Book

" ....What we have in fact is good, strong and old fashioned stories, and all the better for that. RK Raju is a journalist with all the skills…. His subjects range from the saintly, apolitical, Mother Teresa to the agnostic Jawaharlal Nehru, from the polished writer Ruskin Bond to the rustic film star…."

Sir Mark Tully
Says in the Foreword

About Author

R. K. Raju. a respected and reputed member of the journalistic fraternity, has handled with distinction wide ranging portfolios, which took him all over the world, in his long tenure at The Statesman since early June, 1959 as a reporter, chief reporter and special representative. His contribution to journalism, literature and broadcasting displays a sensitive and perspective mind as he records life and events with professional dynamism.


Contents: Foreword,
A Day in Mother's Life
Mother Terasa: Saint of the Indian Crossroads;
A bitter-sweet Freedom
Diamond are Forever
I and My Bambi
Where the Winged Creation are cared for
Beware! Friendly Leopard
Debt of Gratitude to the World Cup
Railway Coach in a Delhi Garden
The Agra Khan's Gift
The Name's Bond, With a Licence to Write
Blending Western Thought and Indian Values
Day when all eyes were on "Loknayak"
1996--A very different election: credit to Mr. T.N. Seshan
Nameless Wonders!
Everest Museum
A mission for Sivaji Ganesan
Mr. "Time Off"
Meeting Shirley Maclaine
The Journalistic Bug
Leh: A Do or Die Mission
Last moments of Elizabeth Brunner

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