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Year : 2000

Bibliography : 184 pp

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About the Book

One of the most formidable and fundamental aspects of India’s developmental effort has been to evolve a strategy to ameliorate the social and economic condition of plus forty per cent who continue to live below the poverty line expecting something to turn up. Many half-baked theories have been advanced, ad-hoc projects and schemes conceived and implemented, but the problem continues to evade solution. It demands that there is something else to be done. Gandhi was conscious of this growing deprivation of rural classes. In such a vast rural economy, as India is, nothing can be achieved unless adequate stress is given to the development of rural economy, as India is, nothing can be achieved unless adequate stress is given to the development of rural sector. He therefore, wished to raise a strong India on rural pedestal. His earnest desire was to see rural millions as the formidable partners of Indian polity and economy. This is vital introductory text that combines economic theory with that practices of rural development. It is hoped that this well documented and comprehensive volume will be useful for planners and graduate and postgraduate students of rural development.

About Author

Dr. (Miss) Ashu Pasricha is a multifaceted personality. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Gandhian & Peace Studies, Public Administration and Defence Studies. Presently, she is associated with Department of Gandhian Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh. She has published a number of research papers on different subjects in various Indian and Foreign journals. She is also a regular contributor to various prestigious newspapers in the country and abroad.


Preface. Rural Development; Historical Background. Organisation and Working of Integrated Rural Development Programme. Gandhi’s Approach to Rural Development. Profile of the Study area. Integrated Rural Development Programme in the District: Theory and Practice. Build India from the Bottom: Conclusion.

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