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Year: 2000


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About the Book

Many philosophers, scientists, and other thinkers believe that the Gandhian Alternative holds a great promise for the survival of the currently endangered human Civilization. At the same time, Gandhi is often misunderstood, misinterpreted, misrepresented; an sometimes even hated by some. There is, therefore, a continuous need for explaining, clarifying, and restating the content, significance, and relevance of the Gandhian position on very many issues which are of vital importance for the mankind. The present book is an humble effort towards this purpose. Through its eighteen essays, this book discusses Gandhian thought and views on wide ranging highly topical themes such as the relevance of economic planning, the role of the State and Market, appropriate technology and industrial structure, consumption, Swadeshi, socialism, social equality, secularism, sustainable development, environmental protection, trusteeship, and peaceful non-violent social order. The essays carry the important message that the guarantee of individual and social welfare, peace, and happiness the world over is contained in Gandhi’s life, thought, programme and method.

About Author

Laxman Madhao Bhole is professor (Economics), Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT, Mumbai. After graduation from Poona University in 1965, he obtained his M.A. In Economics from Bombay University in 1967. He obtained Ph.D from Bombay University in 1971 and joined Sydenham College, Bombay, where he taught for two years. He joined IIT Bombay in 1973 and was the Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences during 1989-92. He visited the Institute for Studies in Economic Development, Naples, Italy and Italian Government scholarship.


Introduction. The Gandhian Critique of Planned Development in India. The Gandhian Perspective on the Contemporary Crisis and Economic Policy. Role of Market in Managing the Indian Economy: need for a Holistic Perspective. Are the Market and State Alternative Development Paradigms? Understanding Gandhi through Romain Rolland’s Writings. Gandhian Theory of Consumption. Some Reflections on Technology Transfer and Challenges of Swadeshi. Appropriate Technology and Pattern of Industrialization for Developing Countries. Environmental Protection through Sustainable Social Order. The Gandhian Alternative to Western Socialism. Gandhi on Social and Racial Equality. Saamyayoga: Vinoba’s Vision of an Alternative Social Order. Swadeshi : Meaning and Contemporary Relevance. Peace Research and Gandhian Peace Paradigm. A Case for Cow Protection. Rethinking on Secularism through Gandhian Perspective. The Gandhian Model of Non-Violent Social Order.

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