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Sagar Agrawal is B.Tech in Computer Science and Information Technology from IET Ruhelkhand University, Bareilly, UP. Presently he is working with M/s Infosys Technologies Ltd. He has written 3 books in Hindi entitled 'Dadi ki Kahaniya', 'Cybre Vidhi' & 'Hamara Paryavaran'.

Ankur Agrawal is a B.Tech (Manufacturing-Science & Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur and is doing MBA from ISB Hyderabad. He has worked for 4 years as Asstt. Manager, OSD to the President, Business Analyst, and Secretary to CEO in M/S Jindal United Steel In-Corporation, USA, Baytown, Texas, USA. He has published jointly two books entitled 'Dadi ki Kahaniya' & 'Bureaucracy to Bureaucrazy' in English.

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