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The Author: T. PULLAIAH

Prof. P N Rao, is now retired professor of Botany and a UGC Emeritus Fellow Awardee and Principal Investigator of a UGC major research project on Cuscuta biodiversity. He has 38 years of teaching and research experience at Andhra University, Vishakapatnam till 1976 and later at Nagarjuna University, Narjunanagar. Dr. B V Raghava Swamy, obtained Ph.D. degree from Nagarjuna University, Narjunanagar in 1993 and was a Research Associate at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Presently he is a scientist R&D of the Monsanto – a US based Company. Prof. T Pullaiah, M.Sc. (1973) and Ph.D. (1976) is the Head of Department of Botany, Sri Krishna-devaraya University, Anantapur. He travelled widely in Europe and visited Universities and Botanical Gardens in about sixteen countries.

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